Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Got TANKED w/co-workers

Yesterday, I got TANKED with two of my co-workers at Body Solutions.  It wasn't a party day, that would have been fun but more like we dunked in the TANK to get our body fat tested. 

I did this last November and it was interesting to see the change in 8 months.  I've gained 5 lbs since last November.  This is the same 5 wicked lbs I've been trying hard to get back off over the last month or so.  I'm still working on it!  From that 5 lbs, I gained 3 lbs of muscle and gained 2 lbs of fat.  My body fat % went up slightly.  Not so thrilled with that but I am happy @ gaining muscle.  The weight lifting/strength training is working. 

I guess ideal would be gain muscle and have my body fat % go down?!  I have a  ways to go to ideal or optimum as they put it and that's the good news.  Lots to work towards.  I love me some goals.............!!!!

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  1. That's not the kind of tanking I normally do with co-workers.


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