Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet ups

This past Saturday, for the first time I joined the Body Solutions Saturday "meetup" run / walk group.  It was a great workout and alot of fun! 

I have been so intimidated by the thought of joining a group to do any sort of fitness activity.  I guess, although I want to be a runner for example, in my mind I'm a beginner.  The thought of doing a kick boxing class sounds cool but what if I can't keep up.  So I joined the group among friends who I felt would support me no matter what.....and I'm so glad I did this cause here's what I learned........... fitness ability is better than some and not as good as others.  I'm OK.  I can keep up respectably.  I didn't embarrass myself (I don't think).  Runners don't always run the entire race; its OK to walk a few minutes.  This is an important lesson for me, a beginner, with big goals.  Now I'm ready.  So can I join a meetup of people I don't know - hmmmm, that will be a big leap.  I'm learning (repetition is good) that the biggest leap I have in front of me is in my mental leap.  I really thought I had that one but now, not so sure.  I'll work on that one now! 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Racism....alive but not so well

OMG, I don't live in a bubble by any means but.........  Tonight I'm sitting in a Buckhead bar.  The three gents to my left engage me in convo.  Nice enough.  The oldest (probably 60's) a Buckhead resident.  From all he was saying sounded successful and lots of mula.  The other two (30's) were investment guys and trying hard to impress their client.  It was almost nausiating at one point but that's their job. 

All's good until @ their 4th round and the jokes started.  Off color to say the least.  The Jews, the Blacks and the Hispanics didn't stand much chance.  Oh and did you know that in Buckhead the reason there are more female joggers than males is because the males work!  The older then describes with great bravado his initiation into the SAE fraternity (some 40 years ago) where the KKK was present.  Check please!!!!!  Get me out of here before I find myself at the Fulton County jail.

I'm still sitting in bewilderment.  Speechless.  Thinking.  How can people be so ignorant?!  And hatred.  Like jealousy, it eats away at you.  Aren't there better, positive things one can focus their life on?

Frustration creeping......

After I completed the 10 mile breast cancer walk in October 2009, I set my sites on becoming a "runner."    I first wanted to run 1 mile and I accomplished this on Thanksgiving day 2009.  Next I wanted to run a 5K; run the entire 5K.  I read every article I saw, consulted Dan, signed up for the ATC Women on the Move, got my co-workers running with me, etc.

I was doing good (I thought) and at the end of winter 2010, I was up to 2 miles w/o stopping.  Wow, I was psyched.  However........since then I not only feel like I haven't progressed, I think I've regressed.  I'm back to my 1 mile, maybe 1.5 on a great day.  I've kept up my running but not like I did in the fall/winter.  They say a rest day is good for recovery but I feel like it sets me back.  Is that normal?  Between vacations and the HEAT + HUMIDITY, I'm not going the distance I was earlier in the year.  I'm still going out many days but I don't feel like I'm moving forward - frustratingly (is that a word?) stagnant. 

So what's a girl, wanna be runner to do?!  Get a plan for sure.  I think that's my weekend project.  No more reading articles cause I think I've read them all.  I feel a spreadsheet comin on.......!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Am I a statistic?!?!

Whatever works for you, go with it.............One year later and I'm still journaling.  Yep, I carry this with me everywhere I go....along with everything else in that big ole bag. 

During the last 18 months, I ordered every journal I could find.  They were so complex so we decided to create our own.  I partnered with my trusty friend & coach, Dan, and here it is.  You can get one if you want too.........

You know.......Study after study shows that 'those" who write down what they eat, lose & keep off the weight.  I guess I'm now one of "those"..........

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A sign?

I'm in my car.  Stopped at a red light.  Opening a box of Dots and BAM!!!!!!!!! The Dots go flying everywhere.  I wasn't sure if there was an earthquake or what.  Then it hit me.  No pun intended.  The car behind me just slammed into me.

So........I'm wondering is this a sign to lay off the candy?!  Should I consult my spiritual leader, Rabbi F. or my fitness coach, Dan M.?!?!!   I'm sure both will think I'm crazy.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm back....we're's great to be back

My O My, its been six weeks since my last post.  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth although there were days I was ready to jump.  Not sure where my head was.....didn't blog at all - post or read.  I miss all the knowledge and sharing. 

So hear goes a quick update on the last six weeks, in no particular order.  So much fun and good times!!!
  • My co-worker, fellow runner, weight loser and member of Girls on the Run turned 50!!  Her daughters organized a group run on the Silver Comet Trail to celebrate.  Tons of fun and what a great idea. 
  • I GRADUATED from IIN - yep, I'm officially a Certified Health Coach.  If Dan only knew 18 months ago....from a fat, out of shape girl into a passionate health coach. 
  • I went to Israel for two weeks.  That was BIG.  Had a great time with family and new friends.  I was Driving Miss Daisy as I call it for my 88 year old mom.  She held my hand/arm throughout the country but we didn't miss a beat.  Climbed to the top of a waterfall and logged lots of miles each day. 
  • My nephew got ENGAGED.  The first kid in our family.  Soooo excited for him.  The wedding is next summer in Anguilla.  Aren't they a great couple!!
  • Joined the board of one of our local, private day schools.  Man board membering takes hours! 
  • And.......drum roll.  Last week, I celebrated my one year weight loss anniversary - kept off my 50 lbs.  FAT FREE ANNIVERSARY as I call it.  OMG, loosing 50 lbs was incredible and keeping it off for one year is outrageous.  And how did I celebrate one may ask?  Cardio and then Body Solutions workout.  Boy how my life has changed in so many ways. 
As anyone can see, it's been a great six weeks.  Soon to be Labor Day which marks a beginning of "stuff" - fall (cool weather come soon), holidays - reenergizing and rejuvenating.  I'm ready!!!