Friday, August 27, 2010

Racism....alive but not so well

OMG, I don't live in a bubble by any means but.........  Tonight I'm sitting in a Buckhead bar.  The three gents to my left engage me in convo.  Nice enough.  The oldest (probably 60's) a Buckhead resident.  From all he was saying sounded successful and lots of mula.  The other two (30's) were investment guys and trying hard to impress their client.  It was almost nausiating at one point but that's their job. 

All's good until @ their 4th round and the jokes started.  Off color to say the least.  The Jews, the Blacks and the Hispanics didn't stand much chance.  Oh and did you know that in Buckhead the reason there are more female joggers than males is because the males work!  The older then describes with great bravado his initiation into the SAE fraternity (some 40 years ago) where the KKK was present.  Check please!!!!!  Get me out of here before I find myself at the Fulton County jail.

I'm still sitting in bewilderment.  Speechless.  Thinking.  How can people be so ignorant?!  And hatred.  Like jealousy, it eats away at you.  Aren't there better, positive things one can focus their life on?

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