Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a Gruve thang...

At FitBloggin, we had the opportunity to try out products from several vendors.  New Balance sponsored the 5K and they gave each of us a pair of shoes and shorts!  Sweet! 

The Gruve was also available.  It's a pretty cool little gizmo.  The Gruve is my Personal Activity Motivator.  I will Learn What you Burn or in simple terms, it will tell me how many calories I'm burning per day.  There are charts, graphs - all kinds of cool stats.  So I set it all up tonight, downloaded the software and updated it with my personal info (height, weight, etc). 
I think it's pretty simple.  I will wear the little gadget on my waistband and that's it.  When I've been sitting too long, it will vibrate I think to tell me to get movin. 

I'm pretty psyched to see how this works and how many calories I burn in a day.   I'm charging now so I can get my Gruve on tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do words matter?

Have you ever said the right thing @ the wrong time?  Said something that someone didn't want to hear?  Didn't say anything when you should have said something? 

WORDS and the power of them...........

Today I weighed in.  Not the best of them and not the worst weight in but I was disappointed.  Maybe more emotionally disappointed than logically; I lost afterall?!  When I returned home, I read a quote on's FB post which I immediately emailed to my "girls on the run" team........"Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic." - Tim Noakes

I liked it and it help me put on my running shoes.  Pretty quickly, I got an email from our "Marine"........"Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired. You’ve got to make the mind take over and keep going." - George S. Patton, U.S. Army General and 1912 Olympian

Now my running shoes are on and I'm out the door.  So big deal?  YES, BIG DEAL!  I ran 1.71 miles today before I had to stop and walk.  This is the farthest I've run in ages or ever; I can't even remember. 

Of course WORDS matter and have power to do terrible or wonderful things; it's our choice.  As mom's everywhere say to their kids, USE YOUR WORDS!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Where's the beef?

It's no where to be found if you follow Neal Barnard, Food for Life.  What a convincing presentation yesterday and definitely added to the mental puzzle started the day before.  He advocates ONLY a plant based diet and has some pretty incredible study results. 

So what should I eat?  Should I go vegetarian?  Vegan?  High protein/low carb?  High carb/low protein?  Eat for my blood type? (D'Adamo is pretty convincing too)

If there were only one answer; that would make it so much clearer.  But the answer is different for everyone.   So I'm going to do some experimenting - eliminate certain foods for one week and see if I feel any differently.  I'm going to eliminate dairy one week and meat/chicken/turkey one week (go veggie).  I'll do my own study because ultimately that's where the answer lies.  Have you eliminated any foods/on a certain diet?  How do you feel?

Because my school is a holistic approach, the view of a healthy lifestyle includes not only diet and exercise but relationships too.  Our speaker Harville Hendrix was terrific, too short but really great.  What a down to earth guy!  He shared lots of great stats and stories and his bottom line is ZERO NEGATIVITY.  He advocates that negativity is the toxin behind every emotional and physical symptom.  Wow!  The science behind this is fascinating too and for me there's some googling to be done - Is it true that when a person is anxious, cortisol in the brain is affected and when cortisol stays in our system, our immune system goes down? 

Maybe I'll head to the beach today instead of work?!  Hmmmmmmmm. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The mental puzzle

Yesterday was a great day!  FREEZING in NYC but a great day.  Day 1 of class and I connected first thing with Bianca and Jamie.  Both I met through IIN.  I also met another great person yesterday, Caroline.  I didn't get her contact info but she has mine.  I hope she reaches out to me; really cool girl.  That is one of the great things @ a 900 person class.  There are SO many cool and talented people to get to know.  So much to learn. 

I went to lunch with Bianca and learned more about her - accupuncturist (hello, for the NY Ballet!), aromatherapist and more - completely fascinating and she educated me a little (we only had @ 30 mins) and really peaked my interest on essential oils.  What an interesting person. 

Day 1 started/continued the "mental puzzle."  After lunch Sally Fallon, Weston Price Foundation, spoke - nice sense of humor, very passionate, not shy and advocate of nutrient dense foods, no refined foods, animal products, cooked & raw, etc.  Whole milk, whole butter!!!  There was alot of grumbling behind me during her talk.  Not sure what I think just yet.  Taking it all in. 

Keep in mind, the school does not advocate any particular nutritional model or theory but is introducing us to over 100 and "one size doesn't fit all."  The term coined by the founder of the school, Joshua Rosenthal, is "bio individuality."  Each person is different, has different needs, desires, etc.  What a great term!

Day 2, today, we'll hear why vegetarian is the only way.  Not sure who's speaking but the mental puzzle begins......continues.  It's actually quite interesting.  Each is so passionate, has "scientific research" to support their position and very convincing. These are leading "experts" in their model/theory; known throughout, authors, writers, researchers, speakers........So, can they ALL be right? 

Friday, March 26, 2010

New York, New York..........

I can hear Liza and Frank singing out to me.  I love Liza!  I'll be there soon for another weekend of classes.  I really look forward to these weekends.  I stay in a wonderful hotel where I've stayed for years and they are so good to me.  They know @ my "weight thang" and always have water and fruit in my room vs. the old days of chocolate! 

I try to arrive w/enough time to get in a NYC run.  Kind of digging these Newtons.  I hope today the weather will cooperate and I'll hit the streets.  I'm back at it and I've run 8 miles so far this week.  A record for me!!!!!  And 2 lbs DOWN

Saturday and Sunday are packed with school.  I have 900 fellow students to meet and get to know more.  I really like the ones I've connected with thus far.  Not sure what guest speakers we have this weekend but I'm sure they'll be good; they all have been thus far.  Whether or not you follow their theories, it sure does open your mind up to alternatives.  Some are kinda wacky too!

We got our biz cards (school provides) so I guess it's official?! - I'm a HEALTH COACH?!  (sort of a cruddy shot but I'm running late).  Off I go.........!!! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the road again......

My co-worker and I got back to it today during lunch.  We did the 2 mile run again.  Man, I can't believe what taking a couple week break does to you.  OK I wasn't feeling good, blah, blah and I'm not beating myself up @ it cause it's in the past.  But it's like starting all over again :-( and I'm so impatient to begin with so this is not fun.  So far 8 miles this week.  And we are scheduled for another lunchtime run tomorrow.  WooHoo!  And on Friday, I have another NYC run planned.  Oh what neighborhood do I want to take on this weekend or Central Park again?! 

I also started back journaling both my food and exericse.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  I guess I'm proving all those studies to be true - the more you journal, the better you do.  Funny how that works.....

My heads back in the game and I'm going to kick ass on getting off these 4 lbs.  I love it!  What a feeling!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Low low's and high high's

Today has been one of the more unusual days so I'm taking a few minutes break from work, closing my door and blogging - low low's and high high's

The low low - sadly to share, one of my former Managers died.  33 year old male apparently died from a blood clot.  Wow, how does that happen?  This is such a tragic loss for everyone but especially his new wife who is pregnant with their first child.  Interesting the circle of life; she loses (one O or two Drew?) her husband and will shortly bring a new life into the world.  My heart breaks for her.

The high high's - A long time friend lost her job.  Sounds like a low and it is in many ways except she's immediately focused on all the things she can now do that she has never been able to do before.  Spend time with her 2 girls; train for a race, take cooking classes, travel, enjoy her husband......  She is totally looking forward and I am so excited for her as she enters the next chapter in her life.  Go you (you know who you are!)! 

And the SUN is OUT and it has turned into a beautiful day.  We see the sun so sporadically these days that I really get excited when it comes out.  A wonderful blue sky too. 

I hope the rest of the day includes many more high's for us all!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What a CREEP

Weighed this am and UP 4 lbs.  The "weight creep" has started - 2 lbs became 3 and now 4 lbs.  Holy *&%$#!  

Thank goodness for my food & exercise journal.  I've sort of slacked off on it over the past month (thought I "had it" and wasn't feeling good).  Typically my journal is always with me.  At work, it sat on top of my desk, always in my handbag and ready for entries and tracking.  It worked for me and I lost 50 lbs with this trusty tool so I gotta go with it.  Or should I say - get back to it. 

After weighing this am, I looked back at my journal over the past 3 weeks and not so pretty.  My eating sucked (can you say nachos) and I only exercised @ 2 days/week.  So there I have it.  Back to the future as they say. 

Here goes Ethel Merman in my head - starting here....starting now....OK Ethel, here I go into my week of getting back on track. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

FitBloggin 2010 and many firsts........

I had a great weekend in Baltimore.  The weather was spectacular and our hotel was on the water.  FitBloggin started with a Pom-tini social on Friday night.  I met some great people.  Young crowd.  Two girls said they'd for sure get me tweeting.  It was a must.  (I could see I had lots to learn this weekend).  Hung out a little and then split the social and went to the hotel bar, had a few vodkas and........nachos.  First time in over a year and guess what - nachos made me sick as a dog that night.  I watched GA Tech beat OK.  That was cool and it was a good night. 

Saturday morning came very early.  6:30 we gathered for the 5K sponsored by New Balance.  All that registered were given a pair of New Balance shoes and shorts.  I wore my shoes because the PR guy said they would change my life.  No such luck but they were comfortable.  These women (99% of participants) could run, serious runners.  I began the run w/another girl from Indiana.  We kept the same pace until I dropped off @ mile 1.  She kept going - yea you!  I walked for a couple minutes and started running again and did this for the 3 miles or whatever a 5K ends up being.  I was the last runner to finish but I FINISHEDMy first 5K ever!  At the end there was a great group of girls cheering for everyone.  That was really sweet of them.  A couple walkers finished behind me and I waited to cheer them on too. 

Had a Starbucks and some fruit and quick to shower as FitBloggin was about to start.  I went to some interesting sessions - SEO, how to pitch to traditional media and how to get published.  I'm not ready for any of these at the moment but the knowledge was valuable and opened my eyes. 
During lunch I connected with two great, great girls/females/women - whatever, all the same to me.  This was the best part of the weekend.  I learned so much from one who's a nutrition counselor and doing some really wonderful things in coaching/counseling and boot camps and another talented PR professional.  She and I really connected on so many things; it was alot of fun chatting.  The day came to a close and I passed on the Jello social and headed outside.  I'd been watching the beautiful day through the windows and I had to get out there.  I walked for quite a while and then settled for dinner at Cinghiale, really terrific Italian.  What a treat and I made much better choices than the nachos of the previous night. 

Sunday morning, I RAN again, on my own.  It was so beautiful but the running was still tough.  I went @ 1 1/4 miles this time.  I've been thinking @ this today.  When I ran with my co-workers @ 11am, I did much better.  I think 1st thing in the am may not be my best.  I'm going to test time of day and see.

The flight home was uneventful except for bumpy, bumpy. I guess that's because it was overcast and raining when we landed in Atlanta.  Ugh!  I went straight to my workout with Dan.  It was a great one.  Upper body and a whole lot of sweatin. 

They say all good things must come to an end.........not really.  Now I'm home and I get to sleep in my wonderful bed tonight.  So the good keeps coming......

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day

The day started unlike most others.  We had rainy ski's, just like we've been having.  I forgot to wear my green - ugh!  Then...I met some friends for dinner and the day took a wonderful turn.  I ensured that I ordered extra limes (GREEN) in my vodka on the rocks.  After all, I wanted to be festive.  It was such a nice time visiting and dining with friends.  Boy did we laugh!!!  I had full intentions of writing about food today, particularly my intake yesterday because I feel so much better today but that all changed when I arrived home last night after dinner. 

These beautiful flowers were waiting!!!!!!  My favorites - peonies, tulips, hydrangas and roses.  They smell as wonderful as they look.  What an incredible surprise from a dear friend.  This has been my week for flowers.  On Monday, I got beautiful, fragrant daffodils from a friend's garden and now these.  You should see my home.  Wow! 

So I got a little distracted by the flowers and what I ate sort of took a back seat on the blog for a moment.  But it's important because I ate a little more yesterday than normal, had a heartier dinner than normal and I feel so much better today.  I jumped out of bed @ 6:30 vs. dragging myself out @ 8am which has been the case lately.  Yesterday, I had my standard breakfast (yogurt, cereal, berries) and lunch (turkey sandwich w/cherry tomatoes and cucs) and for dinner.......Veal chop!  Broccolini!  Mushroom spaetzle gratin and Herb stuffed roma tomato!!  I should have taken a photo but I don't usually photograph food.  I think the vodka, dinner and visiting with friends is what I needed. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I gotta feelin.......

Oh man, can't you just hear the Black Eyed Peas singing that song now.  It will probably stay in my head all night long.  Yours too?! 

Really this week it should be, I can't shake that feelin.........this cold or flu or whatever I have is gettin on my nerves.  When you are never sick and have no patience, this crap is enough - go away!!!!  I'm feeling better each day but still have low energy.  That's just not me and I ain't lovin it for sure.  So good thoughts for tomorrow.  I ate a good dinner tonight so I'm hoping that will help me. 

I've been journaling all week and eating better.  Tonight's feast was really good - slice of london broil (red meat does good with me), bok choy, asparagus, brussel sprouts and a little quinoa.  Yum, yum!!!!  For those that know me or follow me, no I didn't "cook" it, I'm a "warmer upper."  I really enjoyed the variety and it actually felt great to have the veggies.  I was missing that for sure. 

I went to Whole Foods tonight so I have food for the week - yeah!  This weekend is FitBloggin in Baltimore.  I have no idea what to expect and I'm really looking forward to it.  I wonder how many are attending.  It will be fun to spend a day learning with like-minded folks from all around.  Can't wait.  Plus I'm all about being successful at whatever I take on.  I started my blog in December and had no idea what to expect with it either.  I love it.  It is so cool to get feedback from readers even when the comments aren't so nice.  At least they took the time to comment so that's fine with me.  That's what makes the world go round. 

So Ethel Merman's Coming Up Roses is my ringtone now and like she says.....starting here....starting now!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's time to weigh in and it ain't going to be pretty......

This past week, under the "I'm not feeling good," I abandoned most of my basics; good health habits and choices I developed during my weight loss journey and over the last year.  I hardly ate any veggies the whole week.  I ate only a of couple apples; I always have an apple in my handbag.   I ate way too many sandwiches - PB, egg salad, cheese - whatever I could put between 2 slices of bread.  My protein was so/so - not great - no chicken, turkey once and that was last night, no fish - I guess mostly eggs now that I think @ it!  I didn't workout except for yesterday so I cut back my food intake thinking that would offset the no workouts.

Everyone has a bad week, right?  Now as I sit having my am coffee, getting ready to go for my weekly weigh in, I'm thinking @ what was so wrong with the week.  How come I didn't lose any weight?
  1. From my home scale I stayed the same - which is 2.5 lbs up from my goal weight.  But I ate less?!
  2. I DIDN'T JOURNAL ANYTHING this past week so I really can't recall what I ate.  Ugh, I haven't mentioned anything @ the ice cream and all the nuts I ate.  Nuts are good for you but high in calories!  Cheese, the "it's not a diet food."  May have gone over on that too.  Ooooh what did I eat that I can't remember?  Oh yea, Dots yesterday but only 2 mini boxes. 
  3. I don't think I ate enough this past week.  Not small, more frequent meals like I typically eat. But I wasn't exercising so was that still necessary?!
  4. Outside of Sun-Tues, I didn't drink enough H2O.  I know I didn't yesterday cause I have a hangover today and I had no alcohol last night.  When I don't drink enough water, this happens to me. 
Oy!  What a week and this is only what I remember.   OK, Ethel Merman I need you NOW......starting here.........starting now!  The sun is out today (we've had nothing but rain for the last 4 days) and it's going to be beautiful weather.  I still don't feel so great but today's a new day.  I'm headed to Body Solutions to weigh in (miracle? miracle?) and workout with Dan.  I have a busy weekend planned with lots of great stuff packed in so I'll start over today!  Dust off my journal, slice my apple and throw it all in my bag. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everything's coming up roses........

Can you hear Ethel Merman as Gypsy Rose........if you want to feel great for a moment or two, check out this tune....guaranteed! 

Starting here......starting now.........clear the'll be'll be great.......lucky star is can do it.....we can do it........light the lights.......nothings going to stop us til we're through.....everything's coming up roses!!!!

While I've had a cold and a case of the blue's, there are so many "roses" from the week:
  • Gloria from Day of Beauty won yesterday's Points of Light award - recognizing her for outstanding work and impact in our Atlanta community - Yippee
  • Body Solutions' team exceeded their St. Baldrick's fundraising goal and had their heads shaved last night - Yowy Kazowy
  • My best friend got a new job after many months of searching for the right opportunity - WooHoo
  • I scheduled my first counseling session (requirement for my nutrition program) - Very excited
  • I ate two pints (I think that's the size) of Jamoca Almond Fudge and didn't gain a pound! It was yummy too - one was w/coconut milk and the other soy - Sicko
So whilst I got the blues, life is good.  My eating ain't so great this week and I'm shocked to share that I have not exercised in ONE WEEK.  I'm not feeling so good @ either of those but Gypsy Rose says.......starting here...starting now.....!!!  Tomorrow's a new day.  I know it'll be good to me cause right now........everything's coming up roses for me and you!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weight loss vs. healthy eating

Can you lose weight and not eat healthy?  Can you lose while eating a healthy diet?  Can you eat a healthy diet and not lose weight?  This isn't a word problem from high school just something I was thinking @ as I drove home tonight. 

The first part of my weight loss journey was lose weight and not so much I didn't eat healthy, I never thought about healthy eating.  I was concerned with portion size and eating often so I wasn't ever really hungry.  I didn't read package labels, look at ingredients, buy organic or anything.  I looked at portion size, fats and fiber.  I did introduce fruits, veggies & water to my diet so looking back, wasn't that healthy eating?!  That was a start, a good start.  In working more with Dan on the eating side of things, I began to not only want to lose weight, I wanted to eat healthy, good stuff.  This led to me taking a nutrition course at Georgia State University and that was the beginning.  A whole new world opened up .............I'm crazy this way!

While training, I know I drove (and still do) Dan crazy with so many questions about carbs, protein, nutrients, omega 3s, antioxidants and more.  Remember for a minute, when I started this journey, I had to google to find out what foods where carbs and which were protein.  I was that bad.  I still have some trouble with it but I'm learning. 

So my GSU basic education combined with my incredible curiosity and desire to learn more drove me to reading as much as I could stay awake to read and ultimately to enroll in a program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  This is a six month program held one Sat/Sun per month in the greatest city of them all, NYC!  At the conclusion of the program and knowing I'll graduate, I'll be a certified nutrition/health counselor/coach.  How great is this? !

I can go back to my questions now and comfortably answer....YES.   There are hundreds of nutrition theories/models and each believe their's is THE way to loosing weight, eating healthy, living the good life.   You can follow some, all or none. 

I believe in baby steps and we each have to find our way.  This is a lifestyle not a diet or temporary fix.  Right?  I watch my fats, fiber, portion sizes, time of day I eat and all that still.  Now I layer on my desire for a more nutritious diet.  I'm reading labels - OMG, high fructose corn syrup - throwing all that stuff out.  I'm amazed at how much sugar (appears over and over in some form or another) in the ingredients.  My favorite, favorite choco treat while I was in the throw's of loosing is out the door.  Just last night, I sat down and read the ingredients and began to cry.  How could something that tastes so good, be so bad for me?!

So weight loss and healthy eating can go hand in hand.  In posts to come, I'll share some of the great things I'm learning @ IIN and one thing that shows why I value this program so much .............@ IIN we are exposed to over 100 different nutrition theories.  We are encouraged to be open minded, one size does not fit all, one theory can be good for one person and not so good for another.  "Bio individuality" is the term coined by the founder.  Find what's right for you!  

Monday, March 8, 2010

Haha, I can't talk........

While that makes so many people happy, it's really a setback when trying to get things done like...... my work, appointments, etc. 

The cold turned into an infection and laryngitis.  So I'm here. At home.  Not feeling so grand.  Why do these feelings lead me to CHOCOLATE.  Yep had two choco cookies today.  I loved every minute of eating them but I have to admit, I was sick after.  Not used to that...........

It feels so weird to be sick.  I haven't had a single cold since I began my good health journey.  That's over 14 months and NO cold, NO swine flu, nothing.  I'm lovin that.  I just need to knock this out and get back to it.  Lots to do of which I'm really excited.

Thanks for the get well wishes and Drew for encouraging me to FEED THE COLD!  

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Starve a cold...feed a fever?

Or is it feed a cold, starve a fever?!  I always get this one confused.  I have a BAD cold so I'm hoping for the later......feed a cold.  It's amazing how a simple, common cold can take you down!  We have men on the moon, what @ the common cold?!  Is it true or a wives tale that cold one day (30's) and then beautifully sunny the next (50's) is pneumonia in the making? 

Oh well, wives tales or fact, all I really want to do is climb into bed and make this go away.  But the world keeps going and so do our commitments we go.  I'll be back when I knock this baby out!  Here's to a beautiful weekend!!!!  Have one.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Round, head is spinning

There are so many things going on right now and so much I want to blog about that my head is spinning.  Random as it is but crowding my little brain are topics like:

Obesity (everywhere and especially among our kids), Sugar (OMG the cereal aisle), Cravings (I'm intrigued by this), Running a 5K (my new nickname is Budweiser...sound like a Clydesdale), St. Baldrick's (we are 1/2 way to goal and 5 days left), My Day of Beauty (still need volunteers and donations), Journaling for good health (we are writing one), New business for my company, My clients, IIN (our 2nd weekend begins), My brother turns 60 & the family arrives......

Now that's a start.  I guess writing it all down is a good place to begin.  What does this all have to do with my health?  How much of our health is impacted by our emotions, our "feelings" and what is crowded the brain? 

There are so many articles these days (just "friend" a couple groups on FB - is one of my favs) that talk @ diet (nutrition) and exercise.  What @ how we "feel"?   That emotional stuff goin on............What's the impact it has on our health?!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a rainy night in Georgia........

Make that a snowy March day!  The weather folks (plus Sandy & Yvonne) got it right!  The "wintry mix" started this am and it's still going.  Schools are either closed or closing early and I expect the entire city is going nuts @ now. 

I'm working from home today so not mixed up in all that traffic stuff.  But......OMG working from home!  HOW do you NOT eat everything in site?!  It's not even noon yet and I've already had yogurt/cereal/blueberries PLUS 1/2 peanut butter sandwich and pop chips.  If I keep this up, I can't even imagine how many calories I'll consume today.  I'm trying hard to turn to water, at least for now.  For those that work from home, any tricks?  Tips?  Please help me so I don't overload today and blow the week I've started.  I'm off to a good start this week with my eating and exercise.  I leave again for NY in a couple days and that's always challenging to me...especially when they put down the bread basket.  I LOVE BREAD!!!

I haven't updated in a while on my weight loss status so here goes......I'm working hard to keep off the 50 lbs I lost.  So far, I've kept it off for 6 months and counting.  Maintaining isn't so easy.  Much harder than I expected but I think I'm doing well.  What really helps me a ton is I've kept up my workouts with Dan and cardio on my own.   I never thought I'd live to say this but I really love working out with a personal trainer.  It is so cool to see that I can do things I could NEVER do months ago.  Little things that may not mean anything to anyone else, but I like it.  My cardio is still going well.  I'm off machines mostly (elliptical, stairmaster) and taken it to the streets (when the weather cooperates).  I'm running and working towards a 5K minus the Clydesdale clomping.  When will I / will I ever be "light on my feet?"  Ooooooooooh I hope so.  In the meantime, I'm clomping @ 2 miles with some walking in between.  I'm going to take that down and work on 1 1/2 miles with NO stopping then who knows..........5K here I come.  Sign me up!!!!