Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day

The day started unlike most others.  We had rainy ski's, just like we've been having.  I forgot to wear my green - ugh!  Then...I met some friends for dinner and the day took a wonderful turn.  I ensured that I ordered extra limes (GREEN) in my vodka on the rocks.  After all, I wanted to be festive.  It was such a nice time visiting and dining with friends.  Boy did we laugh!!!  I had full intentions of writing about food today, particularly my intake yesterday because I feel so much better today but that all changed when I arrived home last night after dinner. 

These beautiful flowers were waiting!!!!!!  My favorites - peonies, tulips, hydrangas and roses.  They smell as wonderful as they look.  What an incredible surprise from a dear friend.  This has been my week for flowers.  On Monday, I got beautiful, fragrant daffodils from a friend's garden and now these.  You should see my home.  Wow! 

So I got a little distracted by the flowers and what I ate sort of took a back seat on the blog for a moment.  But it's important because I ate a little more yesterday than normal, had a heartier dinner than normal and I feel so much better today.  I jumped out of bed @ 6:30 vs. dragging myself out @ 8am which has been the case lately.  Yesterday, I had my standard breakfast (yogurt, cereal, berries) and lunch (turkey sandwich w/cherry tomatoes and cucs) and for dinner.......Veal chop!  Broccolini!  Mushroom spaetzle gratin and Herb stuffed roma tomato!!  I should have taken a photo but I don't usually photograph food.  I think the vodka, dinner and visiting with friends is what I needed. 

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