Sunday, March 21, 2010

FitBloggin 2010 and many firsts........

I had a great weekend in Baltimore.  The weather was spectacular and our hotel was on the water.  FitBloggin started with a Pom-tini social on Friday night.  I met some great people.  Young crowd.  Two girls said they'd for sure get me tweeting.  It was a must.  (I could see I had lots to learn this weekend).  Hung out a little and then split the social and went to the hotel bar, had a few vodkas and........nachos.  First time in over a year and guess what - nachos made me sick as a dog that night.  I watched GA Tech beat OK.  That was cool and it was a good night. 

Saturday morning came very early.  6:30 we gathered for the 5K sponsored by New Balance.  All that registered were given a pair of New Balance shoes and shorts.  I wore my shoes because the PR guy said they would change my life.  No such luck but they were comfortable.  These women (99% of participants) could run, serious runners.  I began the run w/another girl from Indiana.  We kept the same pace until I dropped off @ mile 1.  She kept going - yea you!  I walked for a couple minutes and started running again and did this for the 3 miles or whatever a 5K ends up being.  I was the last runner to finish but I FINISHEDMy first 5K ever!  At the end there was a great group of girls cheering for everyone.  That was really sweet of them.  A couple walkers finished behind me and I waited to cheer them on too. 

Had a Starbucks and some fruit and quick to shower as FitBloggin was about to start.  I went to some interesting sessions - SEO, how to pitch to traditional media and how to get published.  I'm not ready for any of these at the moment but the knowledge was valuable and opened my eyes. 
During lunch I connected with two great, great girls/females/women - whatever, all the same to me.  This was the best part of the weekend.  I learned so much from one who's a nutrition counselor and doing some really wonderful things in coaching/counseling and boot camps and another talented PR professional.  She and I really connected on so many things; it was alot of fun chatting.  The day came to a close and I passed on the Jello social and headed outside.  I'd been watching the beautiful day through the windows and I had to get out there.  I walked for quite a while and then settled for dinner at Cinghiale, really terrific Italian.  What a treat and I made much better choices than the nachos of the previous night. 

Sunday morning, I RAN again, on my own.  It was so beautiful but the running was still tough.  I went @ 1 1/4 miles this time.  I've been thinking @ this today.  When I ran with my co-workers @ 11am, I did much better.  I think 1st thing in the am may not be my best.  I'm going to test time of day and see.

The flight home was uneventful except for bumpy, bumpy. I guess that's because it was overcast and raining when we landed in Atlanta.  Ugh!  I went straight to my workout with Dan.  It was a great one.  Upper body and a whole lot of sweatin. 

They say all good things must come to an end.........not really.  Now I'm home and I get to sleep in my wonderful bed tonight.  So the good keeps coming......


  1. It sounds like a productive weekend!

    BIG CONGRATS on the 5K! I bet you were rockin' your new NB gear!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your blogging conference; pass any secrets my way!

  2. Congrats on the 5K!!! That's awesome!! :)

  3. I was a fellow FitBloggin' attendee. I just wanted to say hi and tell you that your before/after photos are incredibly inspiring! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you better.


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