Sunday, February 28, 2010

Laughter.......the best cure!

If working out can't be fun, why do it?!  Throughout all of this (weight loss, exercise...) Got to maintain my sense of humor.  When I couldn't walk after my first few workouts with Dan, my coworkers laughed at me.  Big time!  Arm wrestling a retired Marine?!!  That's crazy.  When I fell running, I laughed @ myself (it was too dark for anyone to see me). 

I must admit, part of my laughter is my being nervous.
Trying new things and pushing new limits.  Like yesterday, after a 2 mile run from Body Solutions through Buckhead then......6.6 on the treadmill (OMG never gone that fast before) next to Dan who was @ 12.0.  I was SO nervous and I thought he was going to run through the wall......Now that I look at the photo, I'm still laughing - the right fist?  Am I getting ready for a fight?!  This is all in learning new stuff and reaching new places. 

I've learned being nervous, scared, embarrassed - it's all part of it and to be taken lightly.  I'm trying so that's good and in time will conquer this too. 

Friday, February 26, 2010


Sooooo happy it's Friday.  I see the sun coming up, no snow on the ground and the forecast is for a sunny weekend, high in the 50's.  Yeah, spring is coming!  I can't wait for daylight saving time next month.  For all buried in snow, bundle up.....

I'm back to running, painfully, but I'm back at it.  I've missed running with the "girls" from prior posts but life gets in the way and you have to forge ahead.  It sucks for the moment but it will come back around.  I was up to almost 3 miles and now I feel like I'm starting over.  Last night, 1 mile seemed to be forever.  Maybe it's just waiting to kick in.  Oooh I hope so.  I really need this running thing to help me maintain my weight loss.

After my run last night and before my workout with Dan, Mike (love this kid) a new trainer @ Body Solutions  said he'd coach me on running.  That was all I needed!!!!  I love goals and having a plan.  Sick but true; it really motivates me. 

So Mike puts me on the treadmill......"your running is OK" he says but...."you sound like a Clydesdale."  So there you have it world, my new goal.  Run WITHOUT sounding like a horse. 

Jeez, and I thought it was all @ breathing....thanks Mike!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump day........

WooHoo!  I ran with my group last night then worked out with Dan and I'M BACK.  I took the advice of a fellow blogger (thanks Jody @ Truth2BeingFit) - I look for my workout to work it out. 

Today is going to be a GREAT day.  I can just feel it.  My am rituals are starting me off strong - coffee, wash clothes and onto the computer.  I got an email "atta boy" on the choco - haha, the simple things!  I checked in on St. Baldrick's  donations and they are climbing!!!!  SWEET!!!!  If you are new to St. Baldrick's, please check it out here or in your city.  It's a wonderful organization raising millions of dollars for childhood cancer research. 

I made it through day #1 of no chocolate so I'm psyched. CELEBRATE!  Yesterday I began my challenge of eliminating chocolate (ooooh the photo!).  Not forever; I'm targeting one week to start. 

Food cravings - a new goal for me.  I've got to learn more about this.  It's incredibly fascinating.  Anyone got any great resources on this?  I've love to hear @ it. 

It's another rainy, dreary day here but that's not stopping me now.  I hope everyone has a great hump day and find something to celebrate!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cancel Mondays?!

HARO says " Worst Day of the Week is Over."  I heard Bernie Siegel talk yesterday and his recommendation for lowering the suicide rate is cancel Mondays.  Google it!  Studies show that more suicides happen on this day than any other day. 

I'm far from suicidal but what a shitty Monday.  Am I supposed to be all positive and chipper when blogging?!  That would be nice but hardly reality.  Today, which started last night just after midnight and continued through lunchtime and was not so great.  I guess what made it really crappy was that it followed a really wonderful, new, exciting and exillerating weekend.  My first IIN class.  I have so much to share @ our first session but that will come another day when I can put it in the perspective that it deserves.

For today, what do YOU do when things are for shit?  I had steak for dinner, a small one and yep, followed by chocolate!!!!!!!  I'M SO BAD.  I learned alot this weekend about cravings and I'm on the case.  I cancelled my trainer tonight which I never do so.....I'm heading to the tub and then to bed.  Tomorrow is another day and I'll be back and ready for it. 

Looking forward to a great Tuesday!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

When things don't go as planned.....

Hahaha, that's pretty often.  Well I didn't get to run in Central Park but that's OK.  I'll be back in NY many more times over the next couple months.  As I landed, things sort of snow balled @ the office and I spent the next four hours in my hotel room working.  Snuck out for some quick dinner and then was able to catch a little of the Olympics.  Bode Miller is really something.  At the end of his run, he was caught saying, "my legs, my legs" they are @ to give out.  I FEEl THE SAME way after and sometime during a run!!!!!!  He's a pro and I'm a beginner so I guess its the way it works.  Good to know.

Well I'm off to first day of nutrition program.  More to come on this. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

A quicky...

Just a quick post because I'm off to the airport.  Check out the banner I just put up on my site - St. Baldrick's.  If you don't know about this organization, check it out!  Become a shavee or consider a donation. 

This March, volunteers shave their heads in solidarity with kids fighting cancer at more than 2,400 events in 50 states and 24 countries.  The St. Baldrick's Foundation uses the donations to fund more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the United States Government. What began as a challenge between friends has grown into the world's largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research.

Is there a shaving location in your city?  It really is a great event; great cause and no one more deserving than these kids! 

Of course I'm helping my team raise money again this year.  We raised over $2300 last year and are hoping to top that this year.  Get involved, it's fantastic! 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here comes the sun

Looks like the sun is coming out for the 2nd day in a row in Atlanta.  Welcomed and very missed.  With the lack of sunshine we've been having lately, I wonder if my Vitamin D is suffering.  I don't take supplements and I try to get  my vitamins from eating healthy.  I guess maybe a fatty fish (salmon) for lunch today?!  It's a good enough reason to have lunch away from my desk and change it up a little. 

Today's going to be NUTS.  My last day in the office for the week.  Lots of transition @ the office which is good and bad.  You know the days?  Good stress chasing bad stress!!!!  Hair on fire (couldn't resist the cartoon photo).  That's me right now.  I have so much to get done today, workout tonight w/Dan and then pack for NYC.  Can't wait to get started; maybe the beginning of something new! 

If you have something new and/or great you are starting or have "goin on", give me a shout for a blog feature.   Have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!! (Thanks Pointer Sisters!)

Two more days......I'm leaving Friday for NYC and Saturday is my first class @ the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  For one weekend a month, February - July, you can find me in NYC at this program.  I'm really excited @ this program - 1000+ students and all this new learning. 

So cool, my favorite city and my passion.  What a great way to spend a couple of months.  And at the end, I'll be a certified nutrition counselor. 

This is going to be so great.  I am certain there will be many blogs devoted to IIN and all that's happening during the sessions.  Plus there's a side benefit to my trip this week.  You know I'm a new runner right.  I fly in on Friday in enough time to run in Central Park.  I'm really looking forward to that too.  I so hope the weather cooperates.  This is going to be a great weekend!  Many, many firsts......What healthy stuff do you have planned?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


No, not Best Friends Forever - Best Fiber Foods......What's with all the FIBER talk?!  I know the obvious reasons (hear my mom's voice on the "roughage" convo)!  But why else? 

For weight loss, one of the reasons we want to eat more fiber is because it slows the movement of food through our intestines.  The increased time that food stays in our intestines..... reduces hunger feelings and overall food intake!  Hey I'm all for that. 

So where can I get this BFF...................How @ some natural sources:
  • Vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, leafy greens)
  • Fruits (apples, berries, plums, pears)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, oats, whole-wheat products)
  • Beans (any bean will do)
I like all these foods so this week I just have to buy them and make sure I eat them daily.  Instead of grabbing the chocolate I'm going to try to replace it with berries or an apple.  Does apple dipped in chocolate count?!

Go FIBER, please fill me up...........

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We should show/tell those we love how much we value and appreciate them every day.  Yep, we should.  But sometimes the world and all that's going on just get in the way.  Do we need this special day?  It can't hurt.  If you express yourself one day/year, start today and try to do it more often.  If you do it regularly, go you!  It's good for you and for others!  Good health is as much emotional as it is excercising and eating right.  Have a great health day!!!! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rhyme time.......

It all started on a January Saturday,
When I looked in the mirror and said “I’ve had enough of looking this way.”

I knew I had to change my way of eating,
But this time around, I needed to add exercise and no cheating.

So one month later on a February day,
A couple of New Yorkers got in this girls way.

I did lunges & squats, the whole time I kvetched,
Not knowing at the end came the STRETCH.

I learned to push, press, lift and pump
Then one day Dan said, “I’m going to teach you to jump.”

I logged my workouts, kept my food journal every day,
Hoping the scales would be on my side when it was time to weigh.

I continued this for months & months,
Many of them up and others, I was down in the dumps.

But my coach and supporters cheered me all along the way,
So I stuck with it until that splendid August day.

The scales revealed I had reached my 50 lb goal
And now it is up to me to maintain that role.

I couldn’t reach my goal on my own and without the help of many
This prompted my giving back and starting Whatz the Skinny?

Please join me to celebrate my one year of FAT FREE
And thank you for helping me become the new me!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow......

We had snow in Atlanta today!  Maybe the blizzard of 2010.  (Checkout the nighttime view from my balcony). Quite a bit actually for a southern snow and it's still coming down.  So so pretty and quiet.  The city began shutting down (offices and schools closing) about lunchtime in anticipation of the snow. This time they predicted right and it came right on schedule.  At least my coworker, a total weather bug, predicted right.  A couple of us were busy @ work on a project so we stayed. 

At the end of the day, I headed to Body Solutions for my regular workout with Dan.  Now was I crazy?  Everyone I know was at home, safe & sound.  The roads I travelled were OK and I had no traffic so I think I made a good call with not cancelling my workout.  Part of what was driving me is I weigh in tomorrow and really needed that workout.  Plus we've had such crappy weather all week, we've not been able to run so I feel like a blimp. 

It was a great workout but I still am having problems jumping!  51 years old and can't really jump off a bench and land w/o a huge thud!  Tonight we did jump squats, mountain climbers, push ups, dead lifts, step ups and those jumps I mentioned.  It was all really great and followed by the stretch, my favorite! 

Today was a great FAT FREE anniversary day.  So one year and still going.  Tomorrow morning's workout begins year TWO. 

FAT FREE anniversary

Today marks my first FAT FREE ANNIVERSARY.  One year ago, I really started my weight loss program with Dan.  Wow, its hard to believe it's been one year, February 12.  But I still have these thighs/hips and I said if they weren't gone at one year, I'm going for lipo.  I'm rethinking that one now.   Saving for botox :-). 

Jeez a year ago, I couldn't stand on one foot without falling over; you know like the I'm a little tea pot.  Squats and lunges had me standing to pee for two weeks.  Seriously I couldn't sit down or I would have pulled the towel rod out of the wall!  Three mins max on the elliptical and I was wiped; 5-10 mins on the treadmill had me in tears.  And on and on. 

Today, I'm excited to say ....WOW!  I can do some "stuff" now.  Some of it still has me in tears, sore as %*#@ but I'm progressing.  I know I have a long way to go and I'm looking forward to it.  I can't wait to see what my two year FAT FREE ANNIVERSARY will bring.  

Thanks to all who helped me along.  How can I repay you?! Yea I know, send checks!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Role models

Are you "lucky" in life to have a wonderful role model?  If it's luck then I'm one of the "lucky" ones.  My role model will turn 88 in June.  She was born in Charleston, SC; one of four children.  She moved to Gator Country (Gville, FL) to marry and raise four kids.  She's hysterical, fun, strong, independent and oh yea, bossy!  

This woman has the richest life of anyone I've ever met or known.  She lives EVERY DAY to its fullest and looks for joy in everything and everybody.  Her social life can't be matched; she's always on the go.  Don't get in the way of her love of bridge - she plays 3-4 times/week and tournaments.  She doesn't miss an exercise day; 4 times each week - treadmill, bike, weights, water aerobics, yoga and whatever the trainers recommend.  Going with her to the grocery store is an outing; she reads every label and steers clear of sugar, fat, calories - you name it. 

This lady has been incredibly influential in my life, during my weight loss journey and always.  She is in excellent health, has a sharp mind and is MY MOM.   How lucky am I?!?!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pasta di amore (love pasta)!

As my bro calls me - good golly Molly, I ate the whole thing!  Here's the quick back story - went to dinner with a friend; never dined w/him before; he didn't know @ my weight loss challenge; he was a regular @ this italian joint. 

Time to order.....I decide I'm treating myself to pasta.  I haven't had it since last October so it would be a real treat.  And the food starts arriving, endless amounts of food.  Ceasar salad with the dressing already on it!  Pasta with meatballs on the side (who ordered that)!  More food with dressings and sauces than I've had in a year and I ATE IT ALL.  I never take photos of food and didn't want to embarrass myself last night by taking one so I searched for an image that would remind me of the delicious meal and treat I just enjoyed.  But it didn't stop there, it rarely does with me.  I came home and helped myself to not one but two WW ice cream cups. 

Here in lies why I don't treat myself very often.  I'm not one who can stop when full (are you kidding if there's still food in front of me); once started, I tend to blow it and thus, I try to "start" very infrequently.  You would think after a year of this, I'd have this part under control better but I've accepted that this will be my constant challenge.  Again it reminds me of my lifestyle change vs. dieting the rest of my life.  Maybe all in my head but it works for me.  This helps me to keep things in perspective/balanced. 

The great news is I'm up, feel good and can start new today.  I'll have to double up on my exercise today, mostly to sweat out all that garlic!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

FitBloggin 2010

This is my first time going to this and I'm really excited.  As a newbie to the blogging world and a relatively newbie to good health, there is so much to learn and so many to learn from.  What better way to experience this - immerse myself in a full day of this stuff, surrounded by people who are all like minded.  In Baltimore, which I hope will have no snow and all the current snow will have melted!

Who else is going?  It will be fun to meet up with other bloggers too.  See you there.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is Cupid Stupid?

Is Valentine's Day:
  1. a wonderful time to stop and show those you love how much you care?
  2. a forced expression of caring, love and affection?
  3. something that should be practiced all the time, not one day a year?
  4. wonderful because of those red hot heart candies?
Last night during my workout, I had this conversation with two fitness coaches - one male, one female.  I won't sway you but they both felt the same.  It was an interesting discussion that started me thinking.  This may seem an odd question on a good health blog but what do you think?  How we feel and our emotions are a significant and important contributor to our good health!!!! 

So how do YOU feel @ Cupid?

Friday, February 5, 2010

WooHoo...........Are you in Love with a Loser?!

or as they say in my family.....YooHoo!!  If you post it they will come.  That is for sure.  Of course, having your story in the AJC helps alot too.  Linda and I are overwhelmed by the feedback we've received from people we know and those we've never met.  We are grateful if our journey inspired you and know that your comments and emails have greatly inspired us.  Bring it on!!!!   We are truly all in this together.  We've been where you are, you've been where we are and sharing & caring, we will do it!  THANK YOU!

And the good stuff keeps coming.....Are you in love with a loser?  This is THE chance of a lifetime.  Nominate someone you love to win a FREE three month one-on-one weight loss program with you guessed it, our personal favorite & results guy DAN MCGRATH from BODY SOLUTIONS ATLANTA.  Check out the details and submit your nomination by February 13, 2010.  This is so awesome.  If you love someone that is struggling like we all have, what an incredible opportunity to give them a gift that will change their life.  It changed mine!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"All the News That's Fit to Print"

Read the newspaper?  Grab the AJC, page D2  -  Sara Robbins and Linda Sykes: These co-workers lost 85 pounds! and check out our story.  For those who get their information from the internet, you can find it here too. 

Go Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Right, I stand NO chance in this arm wrestle!)

As always, love to hear from you. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oooooh I was bad, bad today

Holy Moly, what a day!  Jeez, I was @ the office @ 8am (miracle of miracles for me) and launched right into my training of QuickBooks.  No breakfast, no water....nothing; just checks, balances, transfers and oh my; I hope I took good notes.  Finally it was time for lunch!  I went with my team and I ordered pretty well.  It was yummy and nice to spend the time together for one last lunch. I will miss them so much.

Back to the office for a little more training and then a quick workout with Dan.  He was pretty easy on me today or recognized my fragile state!!!  (Thank you Dan if you read this).  Smart guy.  Actually I think he just didn't want a cry baby in the studio today.  Have I ever mentioned, I'm a crier!   

Next stop home and it went downhill from there.  Nuts, raisins, chocolate and more chocolate.  I wasn't hungry; I'm not sure I tasted any of it but I COULDN'T STOP.  Now it's dark outside and I can't go for a run which is what I had planned.  How many more days until daylights saving time?!  Maybe I'll add that countdown clock to my blog.  Hmmmm.    It's 6:45pm, too early for bed so maybe a really long bath until bedtime?!  Yikes, I'm in dangerous territory.  Ever been here?! 

Followers, Visitors, Commentors


When I started blogging, I had no idea what to expect.  I've never done anything quite  like this before.  I was regularly being asked and then emailing friends weight loss tips and ideas so I decided to try the blogging thing.  I love it!  It's really kewl and what makes blogging so great is/are (for you grammar buffs, which is it?) the followers, visitors and your comments!!!! You guys are the BEST part. 

If you are a first time visitor or a regular, welcome & thanks for taking the time to check me out.  I hope you enjoy what you see.  Leave me a comment; I'd love to hear from you.  If you blog, let me know your site so I can visit you too.