Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here comes the sun

Looks like the sun is coming out for the 2nd day in a row in Atlanta.  Welcomed and very missed.  With the lack of sunshine we've been having lately, I wonder if my Vitamin D is suffering.  I don't take supplements and I try to get  my vitamins from eating healthy.  I guess maybe a fatty fish (salmon) for lunch today?!  It's a good enough reason to have lunch away from my desk and change it up a little. 

Today's going to be NUTS.  My last day in the office for the week.  Lots of transition @ the office which is good and bad.  You know the days?  Good stress chasing bad stress!!!!  Hair on fire (couldn't resist the cartoon photo).  That's me right now.  I have so much to get done today, workout tonight w/Dan and then pack for NYC.  Can't wait to get started; maybe the beginning of something new! 

If you have something new and/or great you are starting or have "goin on", give me a shout for a blog feature.   Have a great weekend. 

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