Monday, February 1, 2010

Oooooh I was bad, bad today

Holy Moly, what a day!  Jeez, I was @ the office @ 8am (miracle of miracles for me) and launched right into my training of QuickBooks.  No breakfast, no water....nothing; just checks, balances, transfers and oh my; I hope I took good notes.  Finally it was time for lunch!  I went with my team and I ordered pretty well.  It was yummy and nice to spend the time together for one last lunch. I will miss them so much.

Back to the office for a little more training and then a quick workout with Dan.  He was pretty easy on me today or recognized my fragile state!!!  (Thank you Dan if you read this).  Smart guy.  Actually I think he just didn't want a cry baby in the studio today.  Have I ever mentioned, I'm a crier!   

Next stop home and it went downhill from there.  Nuts, raisins, chocolate and more chocolate.  I wasn't hungry; I'm not sure I tasted any of it but I COULDN'T STOP.  Now it's dark outside and I can't go for a run which is what I had planned.  How many more days until daylights saving time?!  Maybe I'll add that countdown clock to my blog.  Hmmmm.    It's 6:45pm, too early for bed so maybe a really long bath until bedtime?!  Yikes, I'm in dangerous territory.  Ever been here?! 

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  1. It's good to know that people that reach their goals aren't superhuman, they're just human! I always figured that being in shape meant swearing off the bad stuff for life - no slips, no regression. But it's nice to see that you have nights like this too. This was last night for me, verbatim. Chocolate? Sure, just a bit. Maybe some more. Oh crap, what have I done? Well, might as well keep going.

    I'm glad to know I'm not alone!


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