Friday, February 5, 2010

WooHoo...........Are you in Love with a Loser?!

or as they say in my family.....YooHoo!!  If you post it they will come.  That is for sure.  Of course, having your story in the AJC helps alot too.  Linda and I are overwhelmed by the feedback we've received from people we know and those we've never met.  We are grateful if our journey inspired you and know that your comments and emails have greatly inspired us.  Bring it on!!!!   We are truly all in this together.  We've been where you are, you've been where we are and sharing & caring, we will do it!  THANK YOU!

And the good stuff keeps coming.....Are you in love with a loser?  This is THE chance of a lifetime.  Nominate someone you love to win a FREE three month one-on-one weight loss program with you guessed it, our personal favorite & results guy DAN MCGRATH from BODY SOLUTIONS ATLANTA.  Check out the details and submit your nomination by February 13, 2010.  This is so awesome.  If you love someone that is struggling like we all have, what an incredible opportunity to give them a gift that will change their life.  It changed mine!

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