Monday, February 8, 2010

Pasta di amore (love pasta)!

As my bro calls me - good golly Molly, I ate the whole thing!  Here's the quick back story - went to dinner with a friend; never dined w/him before; he didn't know @ my weight loss challenge; he was a regular @ this italian joint. 

Time to order.....I decide I'm treating myself to pasta.  I haven't had it since last October so it would be a real treat.  And the food starts arriving, endless amounts of food.  Ceasar salad with the dressing already on it!  Pasta with meatballs on the side (who ordered that)!  More food with dressings and sauces than I've had in a year and I ATE IT ALL.  I never take photos of food and didn't want to embarrass myself last night by taking one so I searched for an image that would remind me of the delicious meal and treat I just enjoyed.  But it didn't stop there, it rarely does with me.  I came home and helped myself to not one but two WW ice cream cups. 

Here in lies why I don't treat myself very often.  I'm not one who can stop when full (are you kidding if there's still food in front of me); once started, I tend to blow it and thus, I try to "start" very infrequently.  You would think after a year of this, I'd have this part under control better but I've accepted that this will be my constant challenge.  Again it reminds me of my lifestyle change vs. dieting the rest of my life.  Maybe all in my head but it works for me.  This helps me to keep things in perspective/balanced. 

The great news is I'm up, feel good and can start new today.  I'll have to double up on my exercise today, mostly to sweat out all that garlic!!!!


  1. We must be the same person! I am the same way - a little treat doesn't satisify - I have to keep going! And I'm a carb (the loaded sugar kind) craver, so if I have a cookie, I'll drive myself nearly nuts until I have more. I've been eating horribly, and haven't been exercising. I've convinced my husband to start P90X with me today! I've done it before, but need to get back into it. Your blog continues to motivate me!

  2. As a matter of fact, you've inspired me so much that I decided to renew my fitness blog, which I started years ago but gave up on. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  3. It is all a learning experience & as long as you admit & know it & get back to the basics right away, all is good. YES, a lifestyle change! I learn things every day & it has been many years!!!


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