Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Role models

Are you "lucky" in life to have a wonderful role model?  If it's luck then I'm one of the "lucky" ones.  My role model will turn 88 in June.  She was born in Charleston, SC; one of four children.  She moved to Gator Country (Gville, FL) to marry and raise four kids.  She's hysterical, fun, strong, independent and oh yea, bossy!  

This woman has the richest life of anyone I've ever met or known.  She lives EVERY DAY to its fullest and looks for joy in everything and everybody.  Her social life can't be matched; she's always on the go.  Don't get in the way of her love of bridge - she plays 3-4 times/week and tournaments.  She doesn't miss an exercise day; 4 times each week - treadmill, bike, weights, water aerobics, yoga and whatever the trainers recommend.  Going with her to the grocery store is an outing; she reads every label and steers clear of sugar, fat, calories - you name it. 

This lady has been incredibly influential in my life, during my weight loss journey and always.  She is in excellent health, has a sharp mind and is MY MOM.   How lucky am I?!?!


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