Thursday, December 30, 2010

MY STORY - journey of weight loss & good health!

Whatz the Skinny? story, 2010: Wow, How Things Have Changed is posted on the Atlanta Track Club's (ATC) blog today.  Check it out.

2010 has been another fabo year and we still have 2 days left!   I'm going to do what I can to make it the VERY best 2 days!!!!  I'm starting with another looooong run along the Pacific Ocean.  My last day on the West Coast before heading back East. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Help NOT wanted?

NOT wanted by Prince William and future wife, Kate.  Oh come on kids!  Are you crazy?  OK so maybe you don't need to have 140+ servants that your father has but at least someone to cook & clean!!!  Yikes, I'd not pass that up for a minute.  As a matter of fact, CAN YOU SEND ME THE STAFF YOU AREN'T USING?

It's very sweet that the newlyweds are said to want to preserve their intimacy and privacy of first marriage.  I've not been married and I think this is beautiful and sweet but.......can't the cook & cleaning people come in when you are not home?!!! 

I guess the Prince & Kate want to be "regular" people but they aren't.  So maybe don't take it to an extreme but being someone that you aren't?!  Is that realistic?  Be authentic and true to yourself. 

Best of luck to them both; they are an adorable couple.  Reconsider and I'd go for the cook & cleaning at least.  If you could have "help" what would they do for you? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow, sleet, sun, rain??

Where are you?!  Man o man, the winter storms & weather are outrageous. 

Blizzard in the NE, even snow in Atlanta and North FL per my mom.  Freezing temps - poor FL oranges may not make it.  Rains in Cali have destroyed so many homes and more rain on the way tonight.  Thank goodness I have no airline travel plans today!!!  Do you?  If you are reading this, I hope you are safe & sound, w/heat or a/c - whatever your climate brings. 

I have the great fortune to still be in sunny Southern Cali!!!  I must have had ESP when I chose this as my holiday destination.  The weather here is spectacular.  Yesterday it was in the mid 60's with more clear, blue skies.  I walked for hours........

Even after my 5 mile morning run - If you don't run the entire time, can you still call it a run?!  My second day of 5 milers!!!  Yesterday I tried something new - 1/4 mile run, 1/4 walk.  It was awesome and I'm not sore today.  Hmmmm, shall I try this again today or go for 1/2 mile? 

Here's my view.   Can you feel the sandBreezeSun?!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

California here I am...

I beat the Atlanta snow and flew out just as it was arriving.  I'm so happy for those that were hoping for a white Christmas.  I guess it was Atlanta's first in like 100 years.  I think it may even be continuing today?! 

Off I go to sunny and dry (I hope) California.  I arrived safely and then waited for over 3 hours for my room to be ready.   Oh well, that gave me a chance to get to know the bartenders and some of the locals.  Finally my room was ready so I crawled, not really 2 drinks is my limit, to my room, ordered up a movie (Sex in the City2) and crashed early.  Only to wake up @ 6am on my first day of vacation. I guess that's OK since technically it was 9am to my body clock. 

It's a magnificent, sunny, bright morning.  How fortunate I am!!!  Picture this - bright sun, clear blue sky, Pacific Ocean w/the mountains in the background.  Now that sounds like a setting for a good run.  I'm finishing up my morning java and off I'll go.  To where?  I have no idea! 

Enjoy your day after, first day of vacation, last day of vacation or whatever today is for you.  Have a great one!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My last personal training session of 2010!

Another year, still 50 lbs lighter and SO much stronger!  It's unreal; I sometimes can't believe what I can do these days.  WooHoo - go me.

Well, I had my last training session with Dan yesterday.  Yep, there he is; coffee in hand and ready to torture.  Ahhhhhh.  I was a little sore going into the session from the prior workout....pushups! No sympathy from Dan; more like chuckles. 

Off we start, no clue what you call it but squats with the bar (& weights) behind your head, bent over rows, walking lunges and on we went for an hour.  Dan was in an awesome mood so it was really fun.  We laughed, I may have cried and laughed some more.  Another GREAT session. 

Because I'm new to all this or maybe because I'm a data junky or may because I'm jut crazy like this, when I compare the workouts from the beginning of the year to now.....OMG.  Is it really me?  I keep pushing or coaxing my body to new levels and my brain is keeping up with body. 

In 2011, (this isn't a NY resolution) I'm going to turn this around - my brain (I can DO this) is going to lead my body.  It's time for me to realize (and accept) I can do ANYTHING I really want to the gym, on the track, running a race or any other fitness goal.  I think (and read), the mental approach is as important as the physical.  So MENTAL here I come!!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Through a child's eyes

Aunt Sara it was for most of the weekend.  As a gift, my 7 year old niece asked to spend the night with one of her girlfriends.  The fun commenced this weekend!  We started with a sleepover on Saturday night and moved into a FULL day of activities/events on Sunday. 

Following a not so healthy breakfast (what was I thinking buying Frosted Flakes!), we jumped into a TAXI and headed downtown.  Waiting, waiting for the doors to open at Philips Arena, we walked around hoping to get an inside view of CNN.  The doors opened, we found our seats and finally it was show time - DISNEY MAGIC!  For the next couple of hours, we saw most of the Disney characters and two pretty good magicians. 

Jump back into our TAXI and headed to pick up the rest of the family for our next big adventure.  This time, we drove so up & down the aisles looking for parking.  Finally parked and walked to the..... BIG TENT (you mean there is no building?) for Cirque de Soliel's OVO

It was wonderful experiencing a day through a 7 year old's eyes!  When was MY (or your's?) first TAXI ride?!  When did I stop believing MAGIC was the real deal?!  I still believe Mickey & Minnie are the real deal!!!  And what can I say @ OVO?  Welll Cirque wasn't around when I was a kid and this is nothing like Ringling Bros (I love them too). 

Camera's were not allowed in each of the venue's but I wouldn't have taken my photos of the artists, I would have shot the look on my niece's face at each turn.  The WOW, look of amazement, I can't believe this, this is so cool, did you see that?!  All those looks.  I'll remember Disney and OVO but mostly I'll remember HER! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm in love.....

...well I wish it were of the romance kind but no such luck at the moment.  But along the way, I have recently fallen in love with.................BOXING! 

I had my first lesson with Dan.  As soon as I put on the pink gloves I knew this was for me.  I've watched my brothers bob & weave for years and finally it was me who was going to float like a butterfly & sting like a bee (thanks Mr. Ali).  I learned a few moves - 1/2, 3/4 and slip/swipe.  OMG, it was so much fun & a great workout.  I can't believe how energized I was from this session and I can't wait for the next one.  THIS is what working out should be like for sure. 

This stuff is still all so new to me but I think I LIKE IT.  This boxing thing fits my personality perfectly!!!!  What workouts fit your personality?  Hmmmmm..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Jingle Jog

O what fun it was!  On Saturday bright & early, we met up to run our first Jingle Jog.  If you follow any of my other posts, you may recognize some of the people in this photo!  Yep, my co-workers and some of their kids.  Minus the reindeer we have on our heads, that's new. 

We ran the 5K, the 1 mile dash, the relays or whatever else we could do to stay warm!  It was a great start to the day and the day only got better.  I had my first BOXING lesson with DanI LOVE IT!  OMG, I think I've found a new passion.  More on that for another day. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Queen of Soul

Pray for Aretha Franklin!  The news of late is sad for her.  She's been diagnosed with pancreatic "c". 

Did you know?
  • She was born Aretha Louise Franklin on March 25, 1942
  • Rolling Stone magazine ranked her #1 on its list of The Greatest Singers of All Time
  • She has 18 Grammys to date, and two honorary Grammys
  • Her first #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 "Respect" and the year was 1967 - sit back and listen!
  • In 1987, Franklin became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Aretha Franklin was the only featured singer at the 2009 presidential inauguration for Barack Obama

 Go Aretha!!!!  Speedy recovery.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh my gosh.....a must read!!!!

The stars & the moon aligned.  In the right place at the right time.  Good karma. 

It happened yesterday.  Such a cool thing happened in bringing two people together. 

Several weeks ago I met a really neat woman, Stephanie, who recently started her own cosmetic line, Plā Beauty.  We hit it off immediately and have kept in touch over the weeks as her products debut.  Not only has Stephanie started her own line but a portion of her proceeds are going to a charity very near and dear to her heart - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA).  Stephanie & her husband lost their first child at 18 days old and CHOA was there for her then and now, so she is taking the opportunity to give back. 

That is cool enough on it's own but it gets better.  I subscribe to a daily email of national reporters looking for material.  Across my screen, I see an Editor looking for her story - Look Good, Do Good - Beauty Products With Charitable BenefitsI of course submit my new friend and the Editor loves it.  Off they connect and hopefully this will land a place in the new magazine or online for sure. 

But.....the most incredible and heartwarming part of this story is.......the name of the magazine is BELLA.  The name of my friend's child that she lost at 18 days is BELLA

Best of luck to them both!  Whatever comes of this connection, it's something I'll never forget.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bucket list

One week ago, my religious community lost one of its members to the dreaded "C"  after only being diagnosed six weeks prior.  I did not know him personally, would see him in synagogue but we never spoke.  Apparently many did not KNOW him as he led an incredibly private and awesome life. 

He kept his illness and the terminal nature of it completely private.  We were all stunned when we received the news of his passing.  Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to know him during his life but in his passing and through the eulogies, I came to know and admire him.

He was very successful; both professionally and personally.  Climbed the corporate ladder from sales to CEO.  He was very philanthropic around the world and he often gave anonymously.  What a son; did his mother's laundry & grocery shopping and didn't even live in the same state?!  Took his mom to gala's only after having someone come in to do her makeup! 

While he gave generously and quietly, these stories are wonderous but there is one that sticks with me more.  Following his diagnosis, he was asked if he made his bucket list.  He simply replied, "I LIVED my bucket list."

Allen Brill, CEO/President of Rolex USA - may you rest in peace.

Friday, December 3, 2010


My Friday morning rant!  Come on.....too good to be true ring a bell!  Not only do I hate (yes hate) this phrase (QUICK WEIGHT LOSS); it's everywhere - every media source.  Especially this time of year and I only expect to see it more as we move out of Christmas and into NY resolutions. 

I have a Google alert set up for the keywords "weight loss atlanta."  Yep, I'm crazy like that but I like to see what's happening around me.  In today's alert alone, there are seven hits for quick weight loss schemes.  OMG, why do we fall for this?!  The promises are one thing but what @ how unhealthy it is and stats show "fast" doesn't stay off.  So why would I put my health at risk and stats show I'll gain it all back and then some.....because it's fast and easy?!  Too good to be true!

I'm passionate @ this; these ads make me nuts!  I've been there; I wanted it off FAST; start losing it FAST and I wanted to keep losing it FAST.  Then I woke up (with the help of Dan I must admit) and decided I wanted to lose it this one last time, keep it off (I've been on "diets" my entire life) and I wanted to do it in a healthy way. 

Lose it, keep it off and in a healthy way are oxymorons for quick weight loss.  Don't fall for it!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wax on, wax off...

or should I say - weight ON, weight OFF.  Someone please tell me WHY is it so much easier and faster to put the weight ON than to take it OFF?!  One of life's mysteries to me. 

After putting on a few (I wish it were only a few!) leading into Thanksgiving and then through the Thanksgiving weekend, it's time to get focused and get it OFF.  Since I began my weight loss journey, I haven't put on this much weight so I'm really challenged to get it OFF before I add on more.  A little freaked out but I know what to do.  Knowing what to do has never been my problem.  DOING IT has always held me back. 

I'm finding it a little harder to get focused.  I think because some around me have also gained through the holiday and write it off as "holiday gain" but my problem is that I can't write it off because "holiday gain" becomes "I had a bad day gain" or a million other "gain" reasons....excuses. 

Today I'm going to crowd out the excuses, add in some exercise and get going.  If I say this or write this enough times (like we had to do in elementary school), then it shall happen.  Wax on, WAX OFF!