Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wax on, wax off...

or should I say - weight ON, weight OFF.  Someone please tell me WHY is it so much easier and faster to put the weight ON than to take it OFF?!  One of life's mysteries to me. 

After putting on a few (I wish it were only a few!) leading into Thanksgiving and then through the Thanksgiving weekend, it's time to get focused and get it OFF.  Since I began my weight loss journey, I haven't put on this much weight so I'm really challenged to get it OFF before I add on more.  A little freaked out but I know what to do.  Knowing what to do has never been my problem.  DOING IT has always held me back. 

I'm finding it a little harder to get focused.  I think because some around me have also gained through the holiday and write it off as "holiday gain" but my problem is that I can't write it off because "holiday gain" becomes "I had a bad day gain" or a million other "gain" reasons....excuses. 

Today I'm going to crowd out the excuses, add in some exercise and get going.  If I say this or write this enough times (like we had to do in elementary school), then it shall happen.  Wax on, WAX OFF!

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