Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bucket list

One week ago, my religious community lost one of its members to the dreaded "C"  after only being diagnosed six weeks prior.  I did not know him personally, would see him in synagogue but we never spoke.  Apparently many did not KNOW him as he led an incredibly private and awesome life. 

He kept his illness and the terminal nature of it completely private.  We were all stunned when we received the news of his passing.  Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to know him during his life but in his passing and through the eulogies, I came to know and admire him.

He was very successful; both professionally and personally.  Climbed the corporate ladder from sales to CEO.  He was very philanthropic around the world and he often gave anonymously.  What a son; did his mother's laundry & grocery shopping and didn't even live in the same state?!  Took his mom to gala's only after having someone come in to do her makeup! 

While he gave generously and quietly, these stories are wonderous but there is one that sticks with me more.  Following his diagnosis, he was asked if he made his bucket list.  He simply replied, "I LIVED my bucket list."

Allen Brill, CEO/President of Rolex USA - may you rest in peace.

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