Saturday, December 25, 2010

My last personal training session of 2010!

Another year, still 50 lbs lighter and SO much stronger!  It's unreal; I sometimes can't believe what I can do these days.  WooHoo - go me.

Well, I had my last training session with Dan yesterday.  Yep, there he is; coffee in hand and ready to torture.  Ahhhhhh.  I was a little sore going into the session from the prior workout....pushups! No sympathy from Dan; more like chuckles. 

Off we start, no clue what you call it but squats with the bar (& weights) behind your head, bent over rows, walking lunges and on we went for an hour.  Dan was in an awesome mood so it was really fun.  We laughed, I may have cried and laughed some more.  Another GREAT session. 

Because I'm new to all this or maybe because I'm a data junky or may because I'm jut crazy like this, when I compare the workouts from the beginning of the year to now.....OMG.  Is it really me?  I keep pushing or coaxing my body to new levels and my brain is keeping up with body. 

In 2011, (this isn't a NY resolution) I'm going to turn this around - my brain (I can DO this) is going to lead my body.  It's time for me to realize (and accept) I can do ANYTHING I really want to the gym, on the track, running a race or any other fitness goal.  I think (and read), the mental approach is as important as the physical.  So MENTAL here I come!!!!!

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