Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Help NOT wanted?

NOT wanted by Prince William and future wife, Kate.  Oh come on kids!  Are you crazy?  OK so maybe you don't need to have 140+ servants that your father has but at least someone to cook & clean!!!  Yikes, I'd not pass that up for a minute.  As a matter of fact, CAN YOU SEND ME THE STAFF YOU AREN'T USING?

It's very sweet that the newlyweds are said to want to preserve their intimacy and privacy of first marriage.  I've not been married and I think this is beautiful and sweet but.......can't the cook & cleaning people come in when you are not home?!!! 

I guess the Prince & Kate want to be "regular" people but they aren't.  So maybe don't take it to an extreme but being someone that you aren't?!  Is that realistic?  Be authentic and true to yourself. 

Best of luck to them both; they are an adorable couple.  Reconsider and I'd go for the cook & cleaning at least.  If you could have "help" what would they do for you? 

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