Monday, December 20, 2010

Through a child's eyes

Aunt Sara it was for most of the weekend.  As a gift, my 7 year old niece asked to spend the night with one of her girlfriends.  The fun commenced this weekend!  We started with a sleepover on Saturday night and moved into a FULL day of activities/events on Sunday. 

Following a not so healthy breakfast (what was I thinking buying Frosted Flakes!), we jumped into a TAXI and headed downtown.  Waiting, waiting for the doors to open at Philips Arena, we walked around hoping to get an inside view of CNN.  The doors opened, we found our seats and finally it was show time - DISNEY MAGIC!  For the next couple of hours, we saw most of the Disney characters and two pretty good magicians. 

Jump back into our TAXI and headed to pick up the rest of the family for our next big adventure.  This time, we drove so up & down the aisles looking for parking.  Finally parked and walked to the..... BIG TENT (you mean there is no building?) for Cirque de Soliel's OVO

It was wonderful experiencing a day through a 7 year old's eyes!  When was MY (or your's?) first TAXI ride?!  When did I stop believing MAGIC was the real deal?!  I still believe Mickey & Minnie are the real deal!!!  And what can I say @ OVO?  Welll Cirque wasn't around when I was a kid and this is nothing like Ringling Bros (I love them too). 

Camera's were not allowed in each of the venue's but I wouldn't have taken my photos of the artists, I would have shot the look on my niece's face at each turn.  The WOW, look of amazement, I can't believe this, this is so cool, did you see that?!  All those looks.  I'll remember Disney and OVO but mostly I'll remember HER! 

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