Sunday, November 28, 2010

Portion control vs. out of control

....back to life, back to was the 90's and En Vogue's hit took off.  It's as relevant today as it was then. 

I'm coming to the end of a wonderful 4 day weekend spent in sunny FL with family.  We ate, drank, laughed, went to a movie (Burlesque and loved it!), looked at old photos, watched football (the Gators were awful!) and did I mention ate & drank.  Today begins back to life, back to reality for me AND portion control takes on out of control!  I really let myself go these 4 days, although I'd probably make that @ 7-8 days because it started before I left home. 

The result - I've now gained 10 lbs!!!!  A first since I lost my weight.  Freaking out?!  Yep a little. It's kind of scary because of all the "I gained it all back" stories I've heard.  I'm determined I won't be one of those statistics!  I know what to do and now it's about applying the motivation to go the Nike way and just do it

Line in the sand, the buck stops here, start your engines and JUST DO IT!

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