Sunday, November 21, 2010

The day after, the day after

Friday is one of those days going down in "the worst of" category.  While I won't spew the details - what's the diff really and it would not be right to mention names w/o permission (no Michael Phelps video here), let's just say how disappointed and sad was I!!!!

Have you ever had an idea(s) and you worked HARD to negotiate, pursuade, argue, convince someone else of it - using proven analysis, proven past results, expert opinions - and the person just says basically nope won't work.

I tried my very best.  I gave it everything I had.  I was physically, emotionally and mentally spent, worn out.  So yesterday, the day after - I worked out hard, purged some emotions (frustrated, sad, disappointed), fell into bed and woke this wonderful Sunday morning ready to take on new challenges. 

I'm blogging @ this not because I had a bad day, I didn't get my way or any of that.  That happens to us all; it's what we do after that makes the difference.  Two things helped me alot and that's why I'm blogging:

1.  The friendship and light touch of others - say what you want @ Facebook but on Friday night I put up a simple posting - "awful day."  The kind and supportive comments I got from friends near and far meant so much.  They probably had no idea their gestures would mean that much but they took the time to send thoughts & love my way.  Reach out & touch someone; you never know!

2.  Calling on my body to help me out - I'm so recent to exercise, I'm learning how awesome the human body is to be there for you when you need it.  I started the day with a pretty tough BodyBlitz class, gabbed with friends for an hour and then my one hour personal training session.  I pushed myself beyond my limits (actually in tears during shoulder presses).  After PT, I ran errands, had a nice lunch, got a manicure and 10 hours later from when I left my house, I jumped into a hot shower and dropped into bed.  I was again spent, worn out but what a difference.  This time, not a ball of emotions but a calmness and perspective that I needed. 

In my 50 years of never exercising, I never knew how my body could be there for me.  My "go to" was Xanax to calm me down and a sleeping pill to put me out so the next day I could wake and do it all the same.  That ship has sailed!  No more!!

No guru talk from me just fortunate & grateful to have learned over the last couple years how to use my body to rid the crap and be more positive and productive!!!!

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