Friday, November 19, 2010

Order up!

Simple concept, phrase or action statement that we use often.  Through observation and an informal survey - here's how some people ORDER UP......

Can I get
I'll go with - Joe Joe, this is you
I'll have
Gimme - Glen, that's you?!
I'd like
Bring me - heard this one the other night and almost feel off my chair
I'd like to have
I would like
The lady will have - Kyle, you really do this?!
I would like to have
Lemme get  - Southern or everywhere?
How about a

Does ordering depend on where you are in the world, passed down by family members like the good jewelry?  I'm OK with any of it as long as it is respectful to the server.  Man that gets me when people leave their "good manners" at home. 

How do you ORDER UP?

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