Sunday, November 14, 2010

My "T" score

Being football season, I'm guessing most people think a T" score has something to do with a touchdown?  Haha, not even close and if you know me, I follow the Florida Gators and that's about it....except what the heck happened to them last night against SC?!  Ooooooh, no Atlanta trip this year. 

Back to my "T" in my BONE DENSITY results.  I had a bone density test last year as I was just starting to work out with Dan + all my cardio.  Last year, spine was good, left hip good, right hip not so - beginning stage of osteopenia.   This year, I'm so excited that my right hip has moved into the green zone and is GOOD.  My doc said he rarely sees this kind of one year improvement.  WooHoo! 

I'm excited not only because I'm a results oriented person but this is huge!   It changes my perspective on my journey.  It's certainly @ the "mirror test," how I look & feel but now it's about my HEALTH.  For now and the future. 

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