Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rhyme time.......

It all started on a January Saturday,
When I looked in the mirror and said “I’ve had enough of looking this way.”

I knew I had to change my way of eating,
But this time around, I needed to add exercise and no cheating.

So one month later on a February day,
A couple of New Yorkers got in this girls way.

I did lunges & squats, the whole time I kvetched,
Not knowing at the end came the STRETCH.

I learned to push, press, lift and pump
Then one day Dan said, “I’m going to teach you to jump.”

I logged my workouts, kept my food journal every day,
Hoping the scales would be on my side when it was time to weigh.

I continued this for months & months,
Many of them up and others, I was down in the dumps.

But my coach and supporters cheered me all along the way,
So I stuck with it until that splendid August day.

The scales revealed I had reached my 50 lb goal
And now it is up to me to maintain that role.

I couldn’t reach my goal on my own and without the help of many
This prompted my giving back and starting Whatz the Skinny?

Please join me to celebrate my one year of FAT FREE
And thank you for helping me become the new me!


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