Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is Cupid Stupid?

Is Valentine's Day:
  1. a wonderful time to stop and show those you love how much you care?
  2. a forced expression of caring, love and affection?
  3. something that should be practiced all the time, not one day a year?
  4. wonderful because of those red hot heart candies?
Last night during my workout, I had this conversation with two fitness coaches - one male, one female.  I won't sway you but they both felt the same.  It was an interesting discussion that started me thinking.  This may seem an odd question on a good health blog but what do you think?  How we feel and our emotions are a significant and important contributor to our good health!!!! 

So how do YOU feel @ Cupid?

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  1. #3 is obviously the most ideal.

    However, with the hustle and bustle of life... work, kids, commitments,etc.. sometimes you don't get a chance daily to express/show the person you love how much you love them. With all of the other things on your plate, you often end up taking for granted that you get to come home to someone everyday, sleep with someone every night and have someone there for you unconditionally.

    So with that being said, I think that Vday is a time that makes you step back, spend some time together (doesn't have to be extravagant), and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to have found love or to share the special bond you have -- it's a day to celebrate that!


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