Monday, February 22, 2010

Cancel Mondays?!

HARO says " Worst Day of the Week is Over."  I heard Bernie Siegel talk yesterday and his recommendation for lowering the suicide rate is cancel Mondays.  Google it!  Studies show that more suicides happen on this day than any other day. 

I'm far from suicidal but what a shitty Monday.  Am I supposed to be all positive and chipper when blogging?!  That would be nice but hardly reality.  Today, which started last night just after midnight and continued through lunchtime and was not so great.  I guess what made it really crappy was that it followed a really wonderful, new, exciting and exillerating weekend.  My first IIN class.  I have so much to share @ our first session but that will come another day when I can put it in the perspective that it deserves.

For today, what do YOU do when things are for shit?  I had steak for dinner, a small one and yep, followed by chocolate!!!!!!!  I'M SO BAD.  I learned alot this weekend about cravings and I'm on the case.  I cancelled my trainer tonight which I never do so.....I'm heading to the tub and then to bed.  Tomorrow is another day and I'll be back and ready for it. 

Looking forward to a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Hope it gets better!!! When things go bad, I look for my workout to "work it out"!

  2. Yeah, I usually head to Brusters when my day goes to shit.


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