Sunday, February 28, 2010

Laughter.......the best cure!

If working out can't be fun, why do it?!  Throughout all of this (weight loss, exercise...) Got to maintain my sense of humor.  When I couldn't walk after my first few workouts with Dan, my coworkers laughed at me.  Big time!  Arm wrestling a retired Marine?!!  That's crazy.  When I fell running, I laughed @ myself (it was too dark for anyone to see me). 

I must admit, part of my laughter is my being nervous.
Trying new things and pushing new limits.  Like yesterday, after a 2 mile run from Body Solutions through Buckhead then......6.6 on the treadmill (OMG never gone that fast before) next to Dan who was @ 12.0.  I was SO nervous and I thought he was going to run through the wall......Now that I look at the photo, I'm still laughing - the right fist?  Am I getting ready for a fight?!  This is all in learning new stuff and reaching new places. 

I've learned being nervous, scared, embarrassed - it's all part of it and to be taken lightly.  I'm trying so that's good and in time will conquer this too. 

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