Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Low low's and high high's

Today has been one of the more unusual days so I'm taking a few minutes break from work, closing my door and blogging - low low's and high high's

The low low - sadly to share, one of my former Managers died.  33 year old male apparently died from a blood clot.  Wow, how does that happen?  This is such a tragic loss for everyone but especially his new wife who is pregnant with their first child.  Interesting the circle of life; she loses (one O or two Drew?) her husband and will shortly bring a new life into the world.  My heart breaks for her.

The high high's - A long time friend lost her job.  Sounds like a low and it is in many ways except she's immediately focused on all the things she can now do that she has never been able to do before.  Spend time with her 2 girls; train for a race, take cooking classes, travel, enjoy her husband......  She is totally looking forward and I am so excited for her as she enters the next chapter in her life.  Go you (you know who you are!)! 

And the SUN is OUT and it has turned into a beautiful day.  We see the sun so sporadically these days that I really get excited when it comes out.  A wonderful blue sky too. 

I hope the rest of the day includes many more high's for us all!

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