Thursday, March 4, 2010

Round, head is spinning

There are so many things going on right now and so much I want to blog about that my head is spinning.  Random as it is but crowding my little brain are topics like:

Obesity (everywhere and especially among our kids), Sugar (OMG the cereal aisle), Cravings (I'm intrigued by this), Running a 5K (my new nickname is Budweiser...sound like a Clydesdale), St. Baldrick's (we are 1/2 way to goal and 5 days left), My Day of Beauty (still need volunteers and donations), Journaling for good health (we are writing one), New business for my company, My clients, IIN (our 2nd weekend begins), My brother turns 60 & the family arrives......

Now that's a start.  I guess writing it all down is a good place to begin.  What does this all have to do with my health?  How much of our health is impacted by our emotions, our "feelings" and what is crowded the brain? 

There are so many articles these days (just "friend" a couple groups on FB - is one of my favs) that talk @ diet (nutrition) and exercise.  What @ how we "feel"?   That emotional stuff goin on............What's the impact it has on our health?!

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  1. We are so grateful for your support. Because of men and women (and teens, and kids) like you St. Baldrick’s has been able to raise more than $74 million for new research and a cure. Looking forward to seeing your new look!


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