Monday, March 22, 2010

What a CREEP

Weighed this am and UP 4 lbs.  The "weight creep" has started - 2 lbs became 3 and now 4 lbs.  Holy *&%$#!  

Thank goodness for my food & exercise journal.  I've sort of slacked off on it over the past month (thought I "had it" and wasn't feeling good).  Typically my journal is always with me.  At work, it sat on top of my desk, always in my handbag and ready for entries and tracking.  It worked for me and I lost 50 lbs with this trusty tool so I gotta go with it.  Or should I say - get back to it. 

After weighing this am, I looked back at my journal over the past 3 weeks and not so pretty.  My eating sucked (can you say nachos) and I only exercised @ 2 days/week.  So there I have it.  Back to the future as they say. 

Here goes Ethel Merman in my head - starting here....starting now....OK Ethel, here I go into my week of getting back on track. 

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