Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the road again......

My co-worker and I got back to it today during lunch.  We did the 2 mile run again.  Man, I can't believe what taking a couple week break does to you.  OK I wasn't feeling good, blah, blah and I'm not beating myself up @ it cause it's in the past.  But it's like starting all over again :-( and I'm so impatient to begin with so this is not fun.  So far 8 miles this week.  And we are scheduled for another lunchtime run tomorrow.  WooHoo!  And on Friday, I have another NYC run planned.  Oh what neighborhood do I want to take on this weekend or Central Park again?! 

I also started back journaling both my food and exericse.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  I guess I'm proving all those studies to be true - the more you journal, the better you do.  Funny how that works.....

My heads back in the game and I'm going to kick ass on getting off these 4 lbs.  I love it!  What a feeling!!


  1. Take some pics while jogging around NYC and post them here!

  2. Good for you! Keep it going! I have a post tomorrow that might help you. And yes, journaling is proven to help people be more successful at weight loss AND keeping it off.

  3. That is the Sara spirit!!Glad your feeling better and got your game on :)
    Love your blog.

  4. You go girl! I hope you didn't have any run-ins with geese!

  5. Ok ladies (Sara and Linda) I'm going to need you two, to hit the streets hard. I believe you ladies have a half marathon coming up that I have signed up to be a cheerleader at?!! Ha, Ha - Keep up the good work and I miss my running motivators.


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