Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a Gruve thang...

At FitBloggin, we had the opportunity to try out products from several vendors.  New Balance sponsored the 5K and they gave each of us a pair of shoes and shorts!  Sweet! 

The Gruve was also available.  It's a pretty cool little gizmo.  The Gruve is my Personal Activity Motivator.  I will Learn What you Burn or in simple terms, it will tell me how many calories I'm burning per day.  There are charts, graphs - all kinds of cool stats.  So I set it all up tonight, downloaded the software and updated it with my personal info (height, weight, etc). 
I think it's pretty simple.  I will wear the little gadget on my waistband and that's it.  When I've been sitting too long, it will vibrate I think to tell me to get movin. 

I'm pretty psyched to see how this works and how many calories I burn in a day.   I'm charging now so I can get my Gruve on tomorrow morning.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds really awesome, Sara! You are going to be all decked out in trinkets.

    You'll have to give us a report on how Gruvy it is tomorrow!


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