Monday, March 29, 2010

Where's the beef?

It's no where to be found if you follow Neal Barnard, Food for Life.  What a convincing presentation yesterday and definitely added to the mental puzzle started the day before.  He advocates ONLY a plant based diet and has some pretty incredible study results. 

So what should I eat?  Should I go vegetarian?  Vegan?  High protein/low carb?  High carb/low protein?  Eat for my blood type? (D'Adamo is pretty convincing too)

If there were only one answer; that would make it so much clearer.  But the answer is different for everyone.   So I'm going to do some experimenting - eliminate certain foods for one week and see if I feel any differently.  I'm going to eliminate dairy one week and meat/chicken/turkey one week (go veggie).  I'll do my own study because ultimately that's where the answer lies.  Have you eliminated any foods/on a certain diet?  How do you feel?

Because my school is a holistic approach, the view of a healthy lifestyle includes not only diet and exercise but relationships too.  Our speaker Harville Hendrix was terrific, too short but really great.  What a down to earth guy!  He shared lots of great stats and stories and his bottom line is ZERO NEGATIVITY.  He advocates that negativity is the toxin behind every emotional and physical symptom.  Wow!  The science behind this is fascinating too and for me there's some googling to be done - Is it true that when a person is anxious, cortisol in the brain is affected and when cortisol stays in our system, our immune system goes down? 

Maybe I'll head to the beach today instead of work?!  Hmmmmmmmm. 

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