Friday, March 26, 2010

New York, New York..........

I can hear Liza and Frank singing out to me.  I love Liza!  I'll be there soon for another weekend of classes.  I really look forward to these weekends.  I stay in a wonderful hotel where I've stayed for years and they are so good to me.  They know @ my "weight thang" and always have water and fruit in my room vs. the old days of chocolate! 

I try to arrive w/enough time to get in a NYC run.  Kind of digging these Newtons.  I hope today the weather will cooperate and I'll hit the streets.  I'm back at it and I've run 8 miles so far this week.  A record for me!!!!!  And 2 lbs DOWN

Saturday and Sunday are packed with school.  I have 900 fellow students to meet and get to know more.  I really like the ones I've connected with thus far.  Not sure what guest speakers we have this weekend but I'm sure they'll be good; they all have been thus far.  Whether or not you follow their theories, it sure does open your mind up to alternatives.  Some are kinda wacky too!

We got our biz cards (school provides) so I guess it's official?! - I'm a HEALTH COACH?!  (sort of a cruddy shot but I'm running late).  Off I go.........!!! 

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  1. Love it!!!! The shoes and the biz card! I think it's official.

    Have a great weekend of getting educated!


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