Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's time to weigh in and it ain't going to be pretty......

This past week, under the "I'm not feeling good," I abandoned most of my basics; good health habits and choices I developed during my weight loss journey and over the last year.  I hardly ate any veggies the whole week.  I ate only a of couple apples; I always have an apple in my handbag.   I ate way too many sandwiches - PB, egg salad, cheese - whatever I could put between 2 slices of bread.  My protein was so/so - not great - no chicken, turkey once and that was last night, no fish - I guess mostly eggs now that I think @ it!  I didn't workout except for yesterday so I cut back my food intake thinking that would offset the no workouts.

Everyone has a bad week, right?  Now as I sit having my am coffee, getting ready to go for my weekly weigh in, I'm thinking @ what was so wrong with the week.  How come I didn't lose any weight?
  1. From my home scale I stayed the same - which is 2.5 lbs up from my goal weight.  But I ate less?!
  2. I DIDN'T JOURNAL ANYTHING this past week so I really can't recall what I ate.  Ugh, I haven't mentioned anything @ the ice cream and all the nuts I ate.  Nuts are good for you but high in calories!  Cheese, the "it's not a diet food."  May have gone over on that too.  Ooooh what did I eat that I can't remember?  Oh yea, Dots yesterday but only 2 mini boxes. 
  3. I don't think I ate enough this past week.  Not small, more frequent meals like I typically eat. But I wasn't exercising so was that still necessary?!
  4. Outside of Sun-Tues, I didn't drink enough H2O.  I know I didn't yesterday cause I have a hangover today and I had no alcohol last night.  When I don't drink enough water, this happens to me. 
Oy!  What a week and this is only what I remember.   OK, Ethel Merman I need you NOW......starting here.........starting now!  The sun is out today (we've had nothing but rain for the last 4 days) and it's going to be beautiful weather.  I still don't feel so great but today's a new day.  I'm headed to Body Solutions to weigh in (miracle? miracle?) and workout with Dan.  I have a busy weekend planned with lots of great stuff packed in so I'll start over today!  Dust off my journal, slice my apple and throw it all in my bag. 


  1. perhaps because it's impossible to "loose" weight? you should try to "LOSE" weight next week :) Good Luck!

  2. Sometimes we need to eat some Dots. That's all I'm saying...

    Next week will be better FOR SURE!

  3. When you don't feel good, you don't feel good! Don't beat yourself up over one week.

  4. You know you will get back on track...we are not perfect, nor are we machines programmed to do the exact same thing everyday....YOU ARE HUMAN!!

  5. What a determination. Look at your pic 50 days ago. You can do it.

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