Sunday, March 28, 2010

The mental puzzle

Yesterday was a great day!  FREEZING in NYC but a great day.  Day 1 of class and I connected first thing with Bianca and Jamie.  Both I met through IIN.  I also met another great person yesterday, Caroline.  I didn't get her contact info but she has mine.  I hope she reaches out to me; really cool girl.  That is one of the great things @ a 900 person class.  There are SO many cool and talented people to get to know.  So much to learn. 

I went to lunch with Bianca and learned more about her - accupuncturist (hello, for the NY Ballet!), aromatherapist and more - completely fascinating and she educated me a little (we only had @ 30 mins) and really peaked my interest on essential oils.  What an interesting person. 

Day 1 started/continued the "mental puzzle."  After lunch Sally Fallon, Weston Price Foundation, spoke - nice sense of humor, very passionate, not shy and advocate of nutrient dense foods, no refined foods, animal products, cooked & raw, etc.  Whole milk, whole butter!!!  There was alot of grumbling behind me during her talk.  Not sure what I think just yet.  Taking it all in. 

Keep in mind, the school does not advocate any particular nutritional model or theory but is introducing us to over 100 and "one size doesn't fit all."  The term coined by the founder of the school, Joshua Rosenthal, is "bio individuality."  Each person is different, has different needs, desires, etc.  What a great term!

Day 2, today, we'll hear why vegetarian is the only way.  Not sure who's speaking but the mental puzzle begins......continues.  It's actually quite interesting.  Each is so passionate, has "scientific research" to support their position and very convincing. These are leading "experts" in their model/theory; known throughout, authors, writers, researchers, speakers........So, can they ALL be right? 

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  1. I guess it's gotta be about balance! Don't let your head explode today, Sara.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend in NYC!


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