Monday, March 8, 2010

Haha, I can't talk........

While that makes so many people happy, it's really a setback when trying to get things done like...... my work, appointments, etc. 

The cold turned into an infection and laryngitis.  So I'm here. At home.  Not feeling so grand.  Why do these feelings lead me to CHOCOLATE.  Yep had two choco cookies today.  I loved every minute of eating them but I have to admit, I was sick after.  Not used to that...........

It feels so weird to be sick.  I haven't had a single cold since I began my good health journey.  That's over 14 months and NO cold, NO swine flu, nothing.  I'm lovin that.  I just need to knock this out and get back to it.  Lots to do of which I'm really excited.

Thanks for the get well wishes and Drew for encouraging me to FEED THE COLD!  

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  1. I love your graphic for this post!

    YUCK! I hate to hear that you're fighting with laryngitis. Even though you're feeling bad, I'd say 14 months was a long stretch.

    Feel better soon!


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