Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm back....we're's great to be back

My O My, its been six weeks since my last post.  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth although there were days I was ready to jump.  Not sure where my head was.....didn't blog at all - post or read.  I miss all the knowledge and sharing. 

So hear goes a quick update on the last six weeks, in no particular order.  So much fun and good times!!!
  • My co-worker, fellow runner, weight loser and member of Girls on the Run turned 50!!  Her daughters organized a group run on the Silver Comet Trail to celebrate.  Tons of fun and what a great idea. 
  • I GRADUATED from IIN - yep, I'm officially a Certified Health Coach.  If Dan only knew 18 months ago....from a fat, out of shape girl into a passionate health coach. 
  • I went to Israel for two weeks.  That was BIG.  Had a great time with family and new friends.  I was Driving Miss Daisy as I call it for my 88 year old mom.  She held my hand/arm throughout the country but we didn't miss a beat.  Climbed to the top of a waterfall and logged lots of miles each day. 
  • My nephew got ENGAGED.  The first kid in our family.  Soooo excited for him.  The wedding is next summer in Anguilla.  Aren't they a great couple!!
  • Joined the board of one of our local, private day schools.  Man board membering takes hours! 
  • And.......drum roll.  Last week, I celebrated my one year weight loss anniversary - kept off my 50 lbs.  FAT FREE ANNIVERSARY as I call it.  OMG, loosing 50 lbs was incredible and keeping it off for one year is outrageous.  And how did I celebrate one may ask?  Cardio and then Body Solutions workout.  Boy how my life has changed in so many ways. 
As anyone can see, it's been a great six weeks.  Soon to be Labor Day which marks a beginning of "stuff" - fall (cool weather come soon), holidays - reenergizing and rejuvenating.  I'm ready!!! 

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