Friday, August 27, 2010

Frustration creeping......

After I completed the 10 mile breast cancer walk in October 2009, I set my sites on becoming a "runner."    I first wanted to run 1 mile and I accomplished this on Thanksgiving day 2009.  Next I wanted to run a 5K; run the entire 5K.  I read every article I saw, consulted Dan, signed up for the ATC Women on the Move, got my co-workers running with me, etc.

I was doing good (I thought) and at the end of winter 2010, I was up to 2 miles w/o stopping.  Wow, I was psyched.  However........since then I not only feel like I haven't progressed, I think I've regressed.  I'm back to my 1 mile, maybe 1.5 on a great day.  I've kept up my running but not like I did in the fall/winter.  They say a rest day is good for recovery but I feel like it sets me back.  Is that normal?  Between vacations and the HEAT + HUMIDITY, I'm not going the distance I was earlier in the year.  I'm still going out many days but I don't feel like I'm moving forward - frustratingly (is that a word?) stagnant. 

So what's a girl, wanna be runner to do?!  Get a plan for sure.  I think that's my weekend project.  No more reading articles cause I think I've read them all.  I feel a spreadsheet comin on.......!!!!

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