Monday, February 7, 2011

And I'm up to eight......!!!

MILES that is.  I almost can't believe this myself.  Yesterday was my long run day and I was lookin at 8 miles.  The first one is always a struggle for me but I kept going.  The next couple, not so bad and then it started getting pretty tough around mile 5.  But I was over half way there and that kept me going along with great music and the SUN

My last 2 1/2 were up/down Peachtree Street.  I think I was a pitiful site.  Running in "slo mo" for sure and at times, I think I was more likely doing a shuffle vs. running.  The drivers must have been wondering, - what the what?!  (as my favorite Mr. Brown would say).

After the groaning, grunting (all to myself I hope) and sweating, I RAN 8 MILES!  What an accomplishment.  I am pretty psyched. 

I'm still working on the mantra, confidence in myself thing.  I'm going to have to reach down deeper next Sunday when I'm looking at 10 miles.  I am self motivated but I have to say, the atta boys and support from my run coach, Mike, is awesome!  Can we ever get enough of it?! 

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  1. I certainly savored each and every small bit of it such as all of the comments and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.


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