Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SIMPLE and great!

Oh my, what a spectacular weekend in so many ways and now I get to relive it in this post.  The weather in Atlanta on both Saturday and Sunday was over the top fabulous.  Bright, bright blue sky.  NO humidity.  Prob in the mid 60's.  Perfect weather in every way.  Everyone in the city certainly thought so because the parks were PACKED; kids, strollers, dogs.....everywhere.  It was a very cool site. 

My Saturday was so very great; simple stuff but I loved it.  I started it off with my 9am BodyBlitz class @ Body Solutions and after had coffee w/my cuz.  Can't remember the last time I sat and had a leisurely cup of coffee w/a friend?!  Next up was boxing with Dan!  I'm not a fighter but love the boxing.  Then my fav lunch (chicken salad @ http://cafeatpharr.com/ - if you live in Atlanta and haven't tried it; run there quickly.  You will love it).  More visiting with my friends @ Dora Rae - these sisters are adorable and the jewelry....addicting.  Surprise visit to my neice @ her work followed by a mani and then new dinner favorite.....smoothie!  Now how @ that for a wonderful day!  Simple stuff and so much fun!

I woke Sunday to a beautiful, sunny morning but mucho on the tired side.  I had worked out for @ 2+ weeks straight and was gettin a little tired.  I decided to indulge in a lazy morning and was anxiously awaiting my noon massage!!!!  Every good massage for me is followed by a restful nap so that's how it went.  When I woke up I was so excited to see the beautiful weather remained so on went the running shoes and out the door I went for.............my SIX MILE RUN!!!!  Longest distance ever!  I did it and that's just the beginning!  My official half marathon training has started. 

What a great weekend.  Spent quality time with friends & relatives; had great workouts; new accomplishment - good times!  Really all quite simple

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