Saturday, January 29, 2011

Half marathon here I come!!!!!!!!!

I've now said it publicly.  I'm running a half marathon!  There I said it twice now!  Prior to today, I've mostly shared this with my co-workers and my coach.  I'm going to do this! 

A couple months ago while reading More magazine, I read @ their half marathon.  It's in April, in NYC, course is CENTRAL PARK.  Hmmmmm, I was actually on an airplane when I read it and immediately decided, THIS IS MY NEXT GOAL.  I registered, booked my flight, got myself a run coach and I started lite training 3-4 weeks ago ("just keep running" he said).  I trained yesterday with my coach (more on him to come) and my official training begins tomorrow.  I got my 10 week training plan yesterday and now it's real!!!!

I'm excited, nervous, amazed and speechless to some degree.  This is a big goal for me, fitness wise.  I guess in some ways bigger than losing weight because I never set out to lose 50 lbs.  I started at 25, then went to 40 then 50.  Now, I'm chunking off the entire goal at once.  WooHoo!

My co-workers are running the GA half marathon the week before mine so it's kinda fun around the office.  Linda (my co-worker) is running her first half and she trains with the same run coach.  She got her training plan yesterday too.  Last night we talked and I think we were both a little dazed by it all.  She's awesome; fast, strong and an inspiration to me.  She's always right there telling me "YOU CAN DO THIS."  I'm excited that I'll be in town for her half and will be along the course cheering her on.  I learned from weight loss, gotta have the cheerleaders!!

So the half marathon training beginsWOW! 

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