Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow & Ice.... Day 3!

What started as snow and a beautiful, white blanket quickly turned to ugly ice.  Day 1 w/no work was good - stayed in my pj's, napped alot, read and as previously mentioned, my EATING was out of control. 

Then came Day 2..yesterday.  Much better!!!  I was sort of busy with work which kept my mind off eating and I finally took the long commute down on the elevator to my building gym.  It was packed!  I managed to get in @ an hour of good, revved up cardio.  Now we're talkin!  After the workout, I lost my interest in eating junk!  I wanted clean food!  What the what?!  Is eating better a byproduct of working out?! 

And now Day 3.  No more new snow but the streets are still icy.  The sun came out this morning (go Annie!) so let's hope, all will melt.  I have cabin fever!  I'm ready to get out of here!  Deciding if I'll venture to the office for a few hours and if Body Solutions is open, maybe I can sneak in a workout with Dan.  Now that would be a good Day 3

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