Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feelin good, lookin wonderful?

Definitely feelin good, working on the lookin wonderful! The lookin wonderful is a WIP, yep work in progress!!

It's amazing how for a girl, ME, buying a new lipstick can really brighten my day. I love it! I think I get this from my mom. She loves to buy a new lipstick. So I stopped by Woo and picked up a new (Plā) Beauty lipstick.....Spell On Me. I just love the names of all these lipsticks & glosses.

For those that read my blog, you may remember (Plā) Beauty because Stephanie and (Plā) Beauty got into Bella magazine (click here and scroll down to bottom of page). If you aren't familiar, definitely check out Stephanie's story on Facebook. It's worth the read and then think that she got into Bella magazine!!!! Very cool.

If you are working on WONDERFUL; try a new lipstick! It's simple, can be cheap (or pricey) and often works WONDERS!!!!

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