Friday, January 7, 2011

Weatherbug or not?

Does the weather forecast dictate your life?  Do you check the forecast before making plans or deciding on your run for the day? 

I'm not sure if I'm on the right or the wrong side of this.  I rarely let the weather forecast influence my plans.  If I'm planning on a run, I pretty much look out the window, look @ the sky and decide.

The weekend forecast for Atlanta includes some "wintry mix" later in the weekend into Monday.  Relatives are encouraging my mom to NOT come this weekend and to stay at home in FL.  They are driving her crazy; come, don't come.  She is driving me crazy. :-)  Hmmmm.  I told her to come on..........To me it seems that anytime you go anywhere, something can come up that delays your plans or gets in the way.  That's no reason to not do anything or go anywhere!   (Of course unless it's considered dangerous or hazardous - I'm not totally crazy).

So I say bring it on.  Pack accordingly, dress accordingly and go for it

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  1. Talking to Yvonne as I read this - we are weather bugs!!!


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