Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day and the anti-weight loss

What is up with all this snow and don't I live in the deep south?  Am I going to have to move deeper?!!!

..beep beep beep - this post is intermittently interrupted so I can eat popcorn!!!......

Yesterday the forecasters called for snow in the eve and continuing into the day.  You could hear cheers throughout the city - NO SCHOOL and NO WORK.  The weather people nailed it.  It started snowing, big time, around 9pm and continued.  Quit a bit of accumulation so NO WORK today.  The city is shut down. 

I woke up and looked out my window to a beautiful, quiet, white wonderland.  Haha.  Not really a wonderland because I live in town, on the 27th floor across from other hi rise buildings, adjacent to a pretty major street...but you get me or just take a look out my window.  Quiet and did I mention NO WORK (at least not from the office).

The day has progressed and it's turning into my nightmareI CAN'T STOP EATING.  Boredom, being near the kitchen all the time - I'm not sure.  I don't seem to be getting full either.  Note: I have taken a short break after each sentence to grab some more popcorn.  What is up with that?!  I am eating or thinking @ eating everything in site.  It's too cold to go out for a walk although some crazies are doing just that.  Maybe they've already finished everything in their kitchen! 

So it's several hours from dinner, I just finished a bag of popcorn and I'm going to make it to dinner w/o eating another thing.  I must; I know I can.  I hope I can; I know I can! 

OK so if today isn't bad enough, I can't even imagine what the scale is going to say tomorrow - yep, I still weigh every day.  Snow, white, quiet or not tomorrow - if you hear a loud roar about 7am tomorrow morning - that's me.  I feel quite certain that depending on what the scale says, the roar could get pretty loud. 

As I was saying, as if today isn't bad enough, now the forecast for tomorrow could have us home ANOTHER DAY.  Does anyone know a locksmith who will travel in this cold with icy streets and who will put a lock on my refrigerator?!  Make that a lock on my whole kitchen!!!!

Stay safe & warm!

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