Sunday, January 16, 2011

Workin out today - old school

As I type this, I'm pretty much laughing as what do I know @ old school workouts?!  I've only been working out for almost two years.  Oh well, I guess you can consider any "yesterday" as old school....that's it for me.

My boxing gloves arrived, yippee!  After sitting @ home and on my tush for almost a week, this is workin out weekend (WOW).  Saturday am started with Body Blitz class.  Great total body workout - favorite Body Solutions class.  Dan really worked us hard and the tush I'd been sittin on for a week is now pretty sore!!!!  Following BB, I trained with Dan and we boxed using my new gloves!  Dan first wrapped my hands w/the tape (I felt like such an athlete, haha) and then the new gloves.  I LOVE IT.  I'm addicted.

And now it's Sunday.....ready for a good old school workout.........a long run.  Only shoes required along with some layering cause I think it's pretty cold.  But no other gear - just me, my shoes & the road.  Think @ it.  There are lots of classes out there, all kinds of fancy equipment, etc - all designed to keep us movin, active, interested & varied and then there's just walkin and runnin - the cardio that's been done for years.  That'll be me today....followed by a relaxing mani/pedi!!! (now this is really ME!!!)

So today I'm putting down my gloves and picking up my feet.  Awwww!!!

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