Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm a LOSER...!!!

Yea!  I'm happy to report I'm back on the losing side of things.  I think I mentioned earlier that last Saturday, I got refocused.  Dan looked @ my food journal and pointed out some bad habits I've developed that are most likely getting in the way of my losing weight.  Funny how I know this stuff but totally missed this.  It sure helps to have a Coach - thanks (again) Dan!!!

#1 - I waited too long to eat breakfast after waking up.  I was going @ 3-4 hours before eating after I got up.  TOO LONG.  So I cut that back to only 1 hour!  I don't like to eat right when I get up so 1 hour is working for me.

#2 - I was eating too often during the day; only @ 2 hours between snacks and meals.  Dan pointed out that all I was doing was "grazing" all day long.  Ugh!  So I'd trained my body to just be hungry all the time.  CUT THAT OUT.  This week, when I'm feeling a little hungry, I either grab a piece of gum or drink more water.  Of course I'm living in the bathroom :-) but at least I'm LOSING. 

#3 - I cut out or greatly reduced carbs at dinner & after.  I did this all along my initial weight loss journey and it worked for me.  Lots of people can eat carbs at night but it doesn't work for me. 

This week, I'm excited to get up in the a.m. and jump on my scale.  Yep, I do that every morning too.  And so far, the scale says.................I've lost @ 2 lbs this week!  Can that be?!

The real deal comes Saturday morning when I weigh in @ Body Solutions.  I'm feelin it and think I'm off to a good start!!!  Back to goal weight by 2/12/2011 - that's my goal!!!

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