Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weight loss is global

I never really stopped to think @ weight loss around the world.  Recently I received an email (and we have since been corresponding) with a woman in Libya!  (I have no clue how she found me). 

This woman, 40ish I believe, has expressed the very same things I've dealt with or am dealing with currently.  I'm trying but it's not coming off OR what can I do to lose weight?  Questions that have gone through my mind the last almost two years. 

It's not the questions that struck me cause they are pretty much the norm from what I hear all the time, it's that these same questions are coming from around the world...Libya!  I guess women are women are women.  Those that want to lose weight anyway.  We all have similar struggles, challenges, questions and hopefully wins!! 

Best of luck to all wherever you are in your weight loss journey! 

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