Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do over....

awww as in MAKEOVER.  Yesterday was so much fun.  It was the final day of my WOW (work out weekend).  I trained with Dan @ 9am, followed by some cardio and a little socializing at the studio (I just can't call it a gym - it's so not). 

Sidebar: I'm back on the weight loss program.  Dan & I talked on Saturday, he helped me get focused and I'm going to nail this.  I've suffered from weight creep!  I'm getting these 10 lbs back off and getting back to my goal weight!!!

Back to yesterday....my friend, Stepanie @ (Plā) Beauty came to the studio so we could "(Plā)" with makeup.....for hours.  My studio bud, Christine,  and I tried all kinds of colors and learned cool tips!  Aha!  The tricks of the trade!!!  We had so much fun.  (Photo isn't from yesterday; no longer have that cut or color!!!  But here's Stephanie trying to do something with me several months ago.....it's a work in progress!) 

Following the workouts and  (Plā) Beauty fun, we were starving so we headed to what's come to be our post workout lunch place for some fish!  Yummy grilled fish.  The Ketch in Bhead if you live near! 

The last day of my WOW was so great - trained w/Dan (I love that!), cardio (don't love that but have to do it), (Plā)'d with makeup (love it but not good @ it), lunch (always LOVE to eat) and spending time with friends (LOVE that). 

Do over......SUCCESS!!!

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