Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yea, losing weight!!!

I did it!  I'm back on it!  I'm SO excited.  My first official weigh in was a great success and just what I needed to get me back in the game.  I lost more than 3 lbs this first week back!!!!  You may have heard some screaming near you about 10am Saturday morning.  Yep, that was ME!

Results!  Rewards!  Ahhhhhh!!! I love it!  That is of course when the scale gives me good news.  I kicked my bad habits and am back in my groove.  Amazing how I got so off track and didn't even realize it.  Thank goodness for my food journal. One look @ the journal and Dan immediately pointed some junk out.  Thanks (again) Dan! 

The great scale news made for a spectacular Saturday.  Lunch with a friend, a little shopping (new lipstick! and run tights!), mani and then fell into bed.  It's a sunny, yet chilly, morning but almost time for my run.  Have a great day all!   

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